Best Dryline Chalkers For Baseball

Best Dryline Chalkers For Baseball

One of the most important things when dealing with calls in baseball is the lines. The last thing anyone wants is a wavy chalk line that causes problems with those calls. That means that field keepers need to invest in a good quality dry line chalker. Below, we will look at some of the best dry line chalkers for baseball fields on the market today.

Stackhouse 28 in. Genie 50 Field Liner

Alumagoal Heavy Duty Dry Line Marker, 100-pound

Trigon Sports All-Steel Dry Line Marker

Alumagoal All-Steel Dry Line Marker, 4-Wheel

Waukesha Superfine-100 Field Marking Lime 50 lb.

Best Dryline Chalker Reviews

1. Stackhouse Genie Dryline Chalker

The first dryline chalker on the list comes from Stackhouse and is a 28-inch model. Designed with simple features and an easy-to-use system, this model is excellent for just about any baseball field.


The Stackhouse Genie is crafted using a premium-grade metal finished with a heavy-duty blue powder coating for increased durability and life. Along with this, the chalker is crafted to be able to handle 50 pounds of chalk, which allows it to deliver two or four-inch lines. Finishing out the design is 8-inch high-quality wheels.

The best thing about this model is the premium-grade wheels used to round out the design. These wheels allow for increased stability and ease of usability when pushing it across the field. Along with this, the unit’s adjustability, especially in regards to the thickness of the line, is quite simple. All of that is wrapped up into a heavy-duty, durable package that will stand up against the elements.

It is not perfect, and the most significant issue happens to be the constant chalk flow design. Though it is easy to adjust the width of the chalk, one may find it challenging if they have to stop midline.


  • Crafted with heavy-duty and durable materials
  • Designed to be easily adjusted for improved performance
  • Premium grade wheels used to give it enhanced stability
  • Unit is designed to be easy to push


  • Designed with a constant chalk flow which may make for a messier execution of lines

2. Alumagoal Dryline Chalker

Durability is always a critical factor in purchasing any equipment. The next dryline chalker is a heavy-duty option crafted with galvanized steel and other premium-grade materials for increased usability.


This chalker is crafted using 11 gauge steel for the frame, and an 18 gauge galvanized steel bucket. It is finished with a hard rubber wheel for improved stability and ease of use.

Everything about this dryline chalker is crafted for days of use and long life. Utilizing premium-grade steel increases the longevity of use and makes it able to stand up to the rigors of the job. It can hold up to 64 pounds of chalk and gives you the ability to choose between line width. Finishing with a hard rubber wheel, this unit is easy to push through the grass and very stable.

However, there is one issue that people seem to find quite annoying. The back design makes it difficult to see where the line is starting once you get going.


  • Designed utilizing premium-grade steel for a longer life
  • Crafted with four hard rubber wheels for improved usability
  • Able to house up to 65 pounds of chalk
  • Multiple selections of line widths are available


  • Issues with the machine backs design blocking visibility of ground

3. Trigon Sports Dryline Chalker

The next model on the list is an all-steel crafted option that is outfitted with high-quality features that make it stand out.


The Trigon Sports dryline chalker is crafted in high-grade heavy-duty steel and is finished with four premium-grade pneumatic wheels. Those wheels are mounted to steel axles, and it also includes an ABS plastic agitator. This gives it stability and durability.

The overall design and the materials used in its construction make this chalker shine. Everything from the pneumatic wheels to the plastic agitator is intended to elevate this product’s performance. The top closing design ensures no loss of chalk onto the field other than the line itself. Speaking of the line, the top is designed with a guide strip to ensure you know where the line is starting.

Though there are a lot of great qualities about this product, some may still find that the price tag that goes with it is a little on the steep side. This is definitely not an option for those working with a tight budget.


  • Chalker is available in a multitude of sizes
  • Designed with a closed top which helps keep the chalk in the bucket
  • Crafted with a lever rather than a trigger to activate chalk
  • A guide strip is included on the lid for a more straightforward application of lines


  • Some may find the price to be a bit steep

4. Alumagoal 4-Wheel Dryline Chalker

Yet another entry on the list from Alumagoal, this model is also crafted with high-grade steel and premium quality wheels. It is durable, easy to use, and an excellent option for many fields.


The unit is constructed with steel and finished with hard rubber wheels for improved durability. The system itself uses a lever to activate the easily adjustable chalk flow.

For most people who invest in this model, the biggest thing is the unit’s durability. The high-quality materials used in its construction are specifically chosen to increase that durability. On top of that, the wheels themselves offer improved stability, and with a larger bucket capacity than other options, the unit is very versatile.

One area of concern, though, is that the bucket does tend to have a bit of chalk leakage. This could muddy up the field and not look as crisp as many would like.


  • Crafted with all-steel construction for increased sturdiness
  • Designed with the ability to lay two or four-inch lines
  • Improved stability thanks to the thick and sturdy tires
  • Large capacity bucket for use in larger fields


  • Some have had issues with chalk leakage

5. Lineer Waukesha Dryline Chalker

The following model is a great choice for a super fine dry line chalker. Constructed with a unique build, this model offers many benefits that others do not.


This model is crafted with a unique patented design that allows for an even release of the chalk. This model is finished with an ergonomic handle and allows for more comfortable use. It is also designed to allow for multiple linewidths from 1 1/2 inches to 3 1/2 inches.

Everything about this uniquely designed chalker makes the process much easier. From the ergonomic handle that makes it more comfortable to use to the handheld design that makes it super simple to transport from place to place. On top of this, the no-spill and shaped release design creates smooth and clean lines.

But there is one thing that could be an issue for some. Though comfortable and easy to use, the unit itself doesn’t have a large capacity. So for larger fields, this could be a poor choice.


  • Designed with an easy to use and ergonomic build
  • Price versus the value it is better than many of its competitors
  • Crafted with a handheld design for improved portability
  • The product delivers smooth and clean lines


  • Small capacity makes it a poor choice for larger fields

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of options for dryline chalkers for baseball fields. But the ones above are some of the best, and we hope that our in-depth look has helped make the decision of which one is the right option easier.