Easton Junior Batting Helmet Review – Z5 Grip

Hey everyone and welcome back! Today we will be doing a full Easton Junior batting helmet review.

Product: Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batters HelmetEaston Junior batting helmet review

Price: $39.99 Sale: $34.99

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Warranty: 30 days Amazon – 1 year manufacturer

My Rating: 5 out of 5!

Easton Junior batting helmet review – Product overview

When it comes to the safety of our kids, we have come to trust Easton above any other baseball equipment maker on the market.

When it comes time for our kids to move up in helmet size, it’s a complete no brainer for us to start looking for Easton’s latest offerings.

This year, we landed on the Easton Junior z5 grip batting helmet.

We always let our kids be involved in picking out their new helmets, so this year my youngest decided to look for a black helmet. He didn’t want a shiny one, but instead opted for the matte black finish.

One more thing before we go over some of the features.

Last night, about 45 minutes after I started putting this review together, we had our first scrimmage game of the year.

Four pitches into his first at bat of the year, he got hit by a wild pitch right on his new helmet! After we made sure everything was o.k., he took his base like a true pro.

After the game, I questioned him about it and he said “I didn’t even feel it!”.

That’s why I had to come back and add the ! after my 5/5 rating.

Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batters Helmet – Features

 Shell Material: The Easton Junior Z5 Grip is made with ABS plastic that is designed to provide great impact protection from being hit by a baseball or softball.This is the same kind of plastic used in construction type hard hats.

The helmet also has strategically designed holes on the top and ears that allow heat to escape while adding a cool look, without losing any structural integrity.

Inside The Helmet: The padding inside the helmet is a high density foam from BioDri that wicks moisture away from the head and provides a comfortable fit while absorbing the shock from impacts.

Wrapped Ears: The wrapped ear design on the Z5 helps to keep the helmet on your head, even while running. No more worrying about constantly having to push the helmet back onto your head.

NOCSAE Approved: NOCSAE is the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

The Easton Junior Z5 Grip batters helmet meets all standards set forth by NOCSAE for baseball and softball batters helmets.

Available Colors and Attachments

The Easton Z5 offers a wide variety of colors.

  • Matte Black.
  • Navy Blue.Easton Junior batting helmet review
  • Royal Blue.
  • Purple.
  • Red.
  • Orange.
  • White.
  • Green.
  • Gold.
  • Maroon.

The Z5 also comes with pre-installed screw ports and hardware for the easy installation face mask.

This is a great feature as some softball and baseball leagues require face masks for batters. We did not get the face mask, but after seeing him get hit in the helmet last night, I’m seriously considering it.Easton Junior baseball and softball batters helmet mask

As of the writing of this review, Amazon was selling the face mask for $15.99.

The mask is made of a strong steel wire material that offers excellent protection while adding very little weight.

Any Drawbacks?

So far the Z5 has given us very little to complain about.

While it is slightly more expensive than your average youth batting helmet, it more than makes up the price difference with all the added features.

The comfortable fit alone is well worth a few extra bucks. Not to mention that I haven’t seen the helmet fall off even one time.

Easton Junior Batting Helmet Review – Wrap It Up!

The Z5 from Easton is a great batting helmet for baseball and softball players of all levels.

It has already proven its worth to us within the first month of owning it.

Serious protection and a quality product is what we have come to expect from Easton and just like we expected, the Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batters Helmet has delivered.

latest price for Easton Junior z5 grip batters helmet

We hope you enjoyed this Easton Junior batting helmet review. We truly think you will love this batters helmet and we believe your kids will love it too.

If you have any other questions about this helmet, or need a hand with anything else, please leave a comment below and we will get back with you a.s.a.p.

Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

2 thoughts on “Easton Junior Batting Helmet Review – Z5 Grip

  1. Sonny

    Thanks again for your review on the Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batters Helmet. It is a serious issue to protect your head against some hard knocks that can come from playing a sport as physical as baseball.

    Knowing that the Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batters Helmet is NOCSAE seal guarantees that the product has passed safety standards which gives me peace of mind!

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Sonny!

      I’m glad you found the Easton Junior batters helmet review helpful.

      This helmet has proven itself to be extremely valuable to us several times already this season. My youngest kid has been hit twice in the helmet already and he says that he don’t even feel it.

      The Easton Junior is easily our #1 recommended batters helmet.

      If you need a hand with anything else, please let me know and I will be happy to help. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy


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