What Is A Perfect Game In Baseball

Just what is a perfect game in baseball? How about softball?What is a perfect game in baseball

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In today’s post we will be talking about one of the rarest feats a team can achieve… The perfect game.

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What is a perfect game in baseball?

A perfect game in baseball and softball occurs when a team is able to record all 27 outs without allowing any hits, runs or committing any errors.

A perfect game will also require the pitcher, or combination of pitchers, to pitch a complete game without giving up a single walk.

Note: The amount of outs required to achieve a perfect game in softball varies by league as some leagues play a different amount of innings.

One factor that many leave out when explaining a perfect game, is the role of the umpires.

Even they must be perfect. One bad call can ruin a perfect game.

Basically a perfect game is just that… Perfect. Every person on the field must be perfect through the entire game.

Since you’re already here, keep on reading and we will do a little perfect game Q & A. 🙂

Perfect game questions and answersPerfect game questions and answers

Q: How many perfect games have there been in Major League Baseball history?

A: In MLB history, there have only been 23 perfect games.

The most recent pitcher to record a perfect game was Felix Hernandez of Seattle, AKA King Felix, who accomplished the feat back on August 15 – 20012 in a 1-0 shutout of Tampa Bay.

The first pitcher to accomplish a perfect game was Lee Richmond of Worcester on June 12th – 1880 in a 1-0 shutout of Cleveland.

Q: Can a MLB team use more than 1 pitcher to accomplish a perfect game?

A: According to the current definition of a perfect game, yes.

Although there have been 11 instances in MLB history where a team used more than 1 pitcher to complete a no – hitter, as of the writing of this post no team has used more than 1 pitcher to complete a perfect game.

All 23 perfect games were completed by the same pitcher who started the game.

Q: Can a perfect game consist of more than 27 outs?

A: While many refer to the saying “27 up & 27 down” when describing a perfect game, in reality a perfect game could last as many innings as a pitcher, or combination of pitchers, could continue to pitch a perfect game and record a win.

As of now, no perfect game has ever lasted longer than 9 innings, although there have been several perfect games taken into extra innings and later lost.

In 1959 a pitcher by the name of Harvey Haddix pitched a perfect game through 12 innings against the Brewers, but ended up losing the game in the 13th due to an error!

Q: Can you pitch a perfect game and still lose?

A: No you cannot pitch a perfect game and still lose.

According to the current definition, a perfect game consists of a pitcher, or combination of pitchers, who record a victory in a game that goes a minimum of 9 innings without allowing any opposing player to reach base.

What is a perfect game in baseball? – Wrap it up!

While a perfect game in baseball is not quite as rare as say an unassisted triple play, it is the most rare feat that can be accomplished by a team as a whole.

Every player must execute each play flawlessly and every umpire on the field must get every call right.

While a perfect game starts with and is rewarded to the pitcher, it takes an incredible team effort to accomplish a perfect game.

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