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Hi everyone! Jeremy here. In an effort to make everything easier to find, below you will find a list of baseball products & reviews featured throughout the BaseballXGear site.

Baseball products and reviews

We try hard to find the highest quality products at the lowest prices available that have proven to us that they deserve to be presented to our visitors.

If there is a particular product that you are looking for, have questions about, or would like me to review, just leave a reply below and I will get right back with you.

Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

pitching machine

Jugs Lite-Flite Pitching Machine Review


Best baseball glove

My Top 5 Baseball Gloves


My Recommended Baseball Bats          Difference between baseball and softball


best baseball batting gloves

Best Batting Gloves


Cold Weather Baseball Gear              cold weather indoor baseball activities


how to buy baseball cards Website Review


Gift ideas for the baseball fan

Great Baseball Gift Ideas


pocket radar

Pocket Radar Ball-Coach Review


bushnell velocity radar gun review

Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun Review


Easton Mako Youth Bat Review Easton Mako Youth Bat Review


Heater Batting Cage With Pitching Machine                heater batting cage with pitching machine


Baseball display case



Baseball Display Case


Easton Junior batting helmet review

Easton Z5 Grip Batting Helmet Review


Stalker Sport 2 radar gun review Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun Review


SKLZ Hit-A-Way review SKLZ Hit-A-Way Review


super stadium baseball game review Super Stadium Baseball Game Review


jugs small ball pitching machine review Jugs Small – Ball Pitching Machine Review


Louisville Slugger Genesis Baseball Glove ReviewLouisville Slugger Baseball Glove Review

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  2. Timothy MAhony(WA)

    Hi Jeremy!

    great website- I love it-I’ve played baseball when I was younger and occasionally watch in on everyone else of course, especially the World Series.

    I love your post on the greatest baseball player of all time on babe Ruth.Great topic for a debate. I don’t think he would have had access to steroids like other players so that makes his accomplishments even greater, to add to the debate.

    Good cross-section of topics-it’s great to see a very enthusiastic fan create a website such as this for fans to post comments, reminisce and ask questons.

    great niche topic-

    Hope you are able to visit my website when time permits to add a comment.

    Best of luck on this site-great potential.



    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Tim!
      I’m glad you are enjoying the site.
      Stop on by anytime and we’ll talk some baseball.
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy


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