Best Leg Guards for Catchers

Best Leg Guards for Catchers

Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Introduced to children early as softball, baseball is played by many and is also a professional sport. Any sport requires the correct protective gear to keep players safe from flying balls. Leg guards are among the essential pieces of safety gear for catchers, and buying a good-quality pair of leg guards is essential. Let’s look at some of the best-rated leg guards available for players of any age and skill level.

EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Leg Guards, Intermediate, Black

Under Armour PTH Victory Series Catching Kit, Meets NOCSAE, Ages 9-12, Black

Rawlings Renegade 2.0 Adult NOCSAE Baseball Protective Catcher’s Gear Set, Black and Silver

Schutt Sports S4.0 Baseball/Softball Catcher’s Leg Guards

CHAMPRO Contour Fit 15.5-Inch Youth Leg Guards – 1 pair – Royal Blue

Best Leg Guards for Catchers Reviews

Easton Elite X Baseball Catchers Leg Guards

Leg guards are an important part of the protective gear required when playing baseball. For a catcher, their shins are one of the most exposed parts of their body, and this requires defense in the form of leg guards.


The Easton Elite leg guards are among the best rated for their excellent performance and protection. Weighing only 1kg, these leg guards offer protection without putting a strain on the legs.

These leg guards are made from blended materials with a stacked memory foam inner for improved rebound control on impact from a ball. The guards are fully adjustable and can be made to fit snuggly without restricting movement. Users have reported that the leg guards are flimsy, but these are meant for beginner players rather than in leagues.

Easton Elite leg guards meet the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) standards and are made according to age groups. The groupings are as follows:

Age 9 to 12: 14-inch

Ages 13 to 15: 15.5-inch

Age 15 to adult: 16.5-inch


  • They offer good value for money
  • Their durability is guaranteed
  • They are adjustable for comfort
  • Feature a sleek design
  • They contain memory foam inners for better rebound control


  • They are flimsy

Under Armor PTH Victory Series Catching Kit

A complete catching kit might cost you less than if you were to buy all the necessary equipment separately. This catching kit from Under Armor is guaranteed to be durable and hardwearing while protecting the catcher. 


Under Armor is a well-known name in the sporting goods industry. They offer superior protection in all their gear, and their catching kits and leg guards are no different.

This catching kit and leg guards are made from a mix of Nylon, plastic, and foam, which is excellent for durability and safety while keeping the player cool. With extra padding on the shins and knees, comfort is critical. This sleek look and design of this kit will keep you protected with looking good.

Each item in this catching kit – helmet, chest protector, leg guards, and throat guard – meets the NOCSAE standards of safety. Take note of the helmet sizing, as this is a common complaint of customers.


  • They offer good fit for comfort
  • NOCSAE approved
  • Additional padding for extra protection
  • They are affordable and good value for money
  • They are lightweight and will not slow the player down


  • The size of the helmet is misleading – smaller than listed
  • No carry bag is included in the kit

Rawlings Renegade Series NOCSAE Baseball Catchers Set

When buying good-quality protective gear for baseball, you might have come across Rawlings. This brand is known for its excellent protective quality and durability and has created protective gear since the 1880s.


Rawlings is a name you can trust for quality gear. Their Renegade series catcher set has been created with Arc Reactor Core technology with impact-absorbing polyurethane and engineered polymer plates. These help to disperse the impact from a flying ball, keeping the catcher well protected.

The leg guards have triple knee constructions to provide extended coverage and protection where it matters most. The kit is designed with excellent ventilation and air circulation to keep the player cool.

The kit comes with adjustable straps to ensure a good fit, but do note that the sizing is more significant than usual and should be considered when you purchase. Rawlings Renegade series leg guards are easy to put on and take off.


  • Adjustable for extra comfort
  • They are strong and durable
  • They are affordable and great value for money
  • Reinforced knees provide extra protection
  • They can be used for more than one season


  • Sizing is larger than normal

Schutt Sports S4.0 Catchers Leg Guards

Schutt Sports is a name you can trust when buying leg guards. These are among the most affordable leg guards on the market, but this does not mean they are of lesser quality.


The Schutt Sports S4.0 leg guards are made using D30 padding, which provides excellent protection and comfort for the wearer. Created with ventilation in mind, these leg guards will keep the wearer cool and well protected.

These leg guards have a QuickClamp system for easy removal, and the two-into-one strap makes the design less bulky and lightweight. For extra comfort on the knees, the Schutt Sports leg guards have built-in padding to protect the knees and shins.

Schutt Sports S4.0 leg guards are protected from a name you can trust for affordable quality.


  • They are affordable
  • Weighing only 3lbs, they are lightweight
  • The hooks in the QuickClamp system make for easy release when removing the guards
  • These leg guards are designed to absorb the impact of a stray ball


  • The elasticity of the straps wears down over time

CHAMPRO Contour Fit 15.5-inch Youth Leg Guards

Keeping your children safe when they play baseball is a must for parents. The CHAMPRO contour fit leg guards are designed with children in mind and offer the best comfort and protection possible.


CHAMPRO has a unique contour fit for better protection and comfort for the catcher. Often, crouching can impact the knees and shins, and this lightweight set of guards will not add any additional weight to the legs.

The 15.5-inch design is perfect for growing legs and ensures maximum protection from the knee down to the ankles without being bulky or restrictive. The additional padding on the knees and shins guarantees all-around protection for the catcher without compromising quality. Users have noted a slight chafing on the ankles, but with the proper socks, this can be avoided.

These leg guards are affordable yet reliable.


  • Contour fit for better protection
  • Comfort fit
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Available in various colors to match your team
  • Full leg protection guaranteed


  • Leg guard chafes the ankle


Leg guards are an essential part of a catcher’s set and must be of the highest quality to guarantee protection and comfort. While cheaper guards are available, the sets we have listed above are affordable yet reliable and durable. These sets are made to last more than just one season and can be adjusted as the wearer grows.