Best USSSA Baseball Bats

USSSA-certified baseball bats are among the most popular bats on the market. In addition to being sanctioned by one of the top amateur sports associations in the U.S., they can boost your field performance and hitting strength to help you prevail in your matches.

While these bats are designed to take your game to new heights, some products may meet your needs better than others. To help you choose the right one, we’ll give you a list of the five best USSSA baseball bats in 2021.

USSSA Baseball Bats Reviews

Axe Bat 2021 Avenge Pro (-10, 2-3/4″) USSSA Baseball Bat

One of the best things about the Axe Bat Avenge Pro is the non-traditional handle. It’s an ergonomic, uniquely shaped model specifically designed to improve comfort, safety, and performance.

There are numerous other performance-enhancing features, such as vibration canceling. It’s a multi-part system that consists of an elastomer matrix stretched over the handle. It works great for canceling out negative feedback upon mishits. This system also comes with collar connections that further remove vibrations between the barrel and the handle.

Speaking of the barrel, you get a composite piece that helps increase your batting accuracy. In addition, it boasts durable materials that can take a lot of beating and minimize the risk of cracks.

Furthermore, the bat is equipped with the Tri-Flex Blastwall system. It adds C-shaped parts to your barrel to enhance the responsiveness in areas that would otherwise remain uncovered. This feature also reinforces the surfaces to make them sturdier.

The bat boasts composite materials of varying thicknesses to improve the sweet spot and swings. This also removes excess weight to further accelerate your shots. The speed is also facilitated by the lightweight composite end cap.

It’s hard to find fault with the Avenge Pro, but you might encounter a few problems. Primarily, you might have a hard time getting used to the axe handle. The shape is unique and has a relatively high learning curve.


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Cancels vibration
  • Highly durable


  • Getting used to the handle takes time

BONESABER USSSA Metal Baseball BAT 2021

The Bonesaber is one of the most elegant USSSA bats on the market, featuring a one-piece single-wall construction and the 271 wood profile. The 271 is a pro wood bat best-seller, combining optimal power and contact.

The Warstic Pommel Precision Knob is another noteworthy feature. Uniquely designed, it doesn’t have a circular bottom. Instead, it tapers out to deliver greater safety, control, and comfort.

The Knop is wrapped in the Tsuka Warrior’s Grip. It’s a sleek, thin grip that doesn’t slip, adding to your comfort and swing control.

You also get a high-quality barrel. It creates fantastic sounds and is more balanced and lighter than the regular 271 patterns. In addition, there are minimalist color schemes, allowing you to focus on your batting.

That said, this USSSA-certified baseball bat has a few disadvantages. The biggest downside is the one-piece alloy that can generate unpleasant feedback on your hands. Moreover, the wood-like schemes might not strike a chord with young players who want flashy designs.


  • 271 wood profile
  • High-quality knob
  • Convenient grip


  • Uncomfortable feedback

2021 Anderson Techzilla (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat

If you’re looking for a simple baseball bat with a big barrel, the 2021 Anderson Techzilla might be your best option. It’s a one-piece alloy bat with a large 2 3/4-inch barrel that emulates its predecessors. The large size enables you to connect with your balls more consistently.

You might think that the bat is more prone to cracking due to its large diameter, but the opposite is true. This is because the manufacturers equipped the item with sturdy aerospace-grade alloy. The material is super-strong, meaning your bat will remain unscathed even after a massive impact.

There’s also a balanced swing weight to accommodate a broad group of hitters. As a result, the bat can drive hard balls into gaps and club long balls efficiently.

Plus, you can choose between the -10 and -5 models to suit different player sizes and age groups. This feature makes the 2021 Anderson Techzilla a highly versatile USSSA-certified bat.

On the other hand, the model has the same problem as the previous entry on our best USSSA baseball bats list. The alloy surface can cause mishits with additional feedback, which can hurt your hands.


  • Large barrel
  • Great materials
  • Versatile swing weight


  • Unpleasant feedback

Axe Bat 2021 Elite One Jr Barrel 

The Axe Bat 2021 Elite One Jr Barrel is another one-piece alloy baseball bat. It boasts several impressive features, such as a streamlined end cap that removes excess weight on its end. There’s an ergonomic handle, too, to ensure optimal comfort and stability.

The barrel is made of robust MX8 alloy. It’s a heat-treated material that achieves a solid flex index and resists denting or scratching. As a result, the length-to-weight ratio is -10, and the product is highly affordable.

The biggest issue with the bat is its limited performance. It’s designed for Coach Pitch leagues, where the ball doesn’t exceed speeds of 45 mph. Consequently, hitters who use the bat in advanced leagues may have to get a new one after minimal use.


  • Polished cap
  • Nifty handle
  • Affordability


  • Limited performance


The final entry on our list has a lot to offer. Its multi-directional barrel is made of patterned layers that ensure a highly responsive bat.

In addition, there’s a unique outer-locking system attached to the handle from the outside. It generates a stiff connection while eliminating vibration to encourage solid, smooth swings.

The extended barrel length is another nifty detail. It gives you a larger surface with a broader sweet spot to potentially increase your performance. The barrel’s durability is also admirable.

On top of that, you get a ring-free construction for tremendous flexion and even better performance. In addition, it removes dead spots to increase your consistency.

Although this is a well-made baseball bat, it’s not as powerful as some other models. More specifically, it’s only durable when facing softer balls that travel up to 40 mph. Anything more than that can compromise its structural integrity.


  • Premium responsiveness
  • Firm connections
  • Broader sweet spot


  • Limited durability

Choose From Our Best USSSA Baseball Bats

It’s easy to see why these five products made it to our list of the best USSSA baseball bats for this year. Each item possesses excellent qualities, but we recommend the Axe Bet 2021 Avenge Pro. Once you get used to the handle, it’ll practically neutralize all vibration to ensure maximum stability. It’s also a robust yet lightweight bat, making it highly user-friendly.

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