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Why Are Sports Drinks Better Than Water? — 14 Comments

  1. outstanding site with great content pertaining keeping hydrated which is extremely important for people performing any type of activity, especially sports that burn or use a lot of energy.

  2. Awesome, I always made sure I had some sort of sports drink with me back in my sporting high school days. Definitely keeps any player of any sport super hydrated that’s for sure!

    • Hi Colton! I played some of my high school sports in Florida and I can remember drinking a Gatorade what seemed like every other inning, and on the off inning a 5 gallon bucket of water! Sports drinks will definitely help to keep you hydrated. Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

  3. This is great stuff as i have a hard time drinking water when i’m exercising. I tend to find sports drinks better because it gives you a lot of energy and it doesn’t bloat you up when doing your exercises.

    • Hey Callum! I agree. I love water, but during most strenuous activities I prefer a Gatorade. Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

  4. Nice site you have and good information for those who like to sport. And how important it is to drink while sporting.

    • Thank you Elma! Staying hydrated while playing sports is definitely very important. Thank you for dropping by and come back any time. ~Jeremy

    • Hey Yunier! I’m glad you found the article informative. Gatorade is definitely awesome. When I’m playing baseball with the kids, we always make sure to bring a few with us. Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

  5. Hello, Jeremy. Another great post. You are right about all of us needing water, but to me it’s very important to drink sports drinks as they give us that extra boost that our bodies need. Thanks for this information!

  6. Hi Jeremy,

    Although I don’t do baseball, I run a bit and I certainly prefer sport drinks more than water after a 10km race. You could feel the difference having electrolytes in your body versus just plain water. It’s very revitalizing and you feel great even when your legs are sore.

    • Hi Cathy! I agree with you 100%. I can definitely feel the difference when having a Gatorade over water. I love water, but I prefer sports drinks during and after intense activities. Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

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