Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Selecting the right youth baseball glove is crucial to improving young players’ performance and accelerating their development. As the name indicates, youth baseball gloves are designed for players between five and 10 years old and feature narrower finger stalls, smaller wrist openings, and are generally 9- to 13-inches long.

To help select the best glove for your young baseball player, we’ve come up with the list of the five best youth baseball gloves.

Youth Baseball Gloves Reviews

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove Series

The Rawlings Select Pro Lite is one of the coolest-looking youth gloves around. It resembles the Rawlings pro model and is available in various MLB player-endorsed models. The list includes Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Aaron Judge, and many other professionals.

The youth glove is made of full-grain leather, a soft material as silk to minimize discomfort. The index finger and palm padding are also terrific and feature cushioned finger lining.

Furthermore, it comes with a conventional back and several web options. The taper pattern has a tiny opening for the hand, making it perfect for children with small hands.

Your young one shouldn’t have trouble breaking into the glove, either. This is because it’s nearly game-ready, boasting a 90% factory break-in. The remaining 10% can be achieved with a bit of oiling and catching.

Overall, the Rawlings Select Pro Lite is a well-made youth baseball glove. However, it may not last for multiple seasons due to the material. The full-grain leather goes easy on your kids’ hands, but it’s not as robust as some other solutions.


  • Full-grain leather to enhance comfort
  • Ideal for kids with small hands
  • 90% factory break-in
  • Multiple MLB player models and web options


  • Usually lasts for just one season

Easton Scout Flex Youth Baseball Glove

The Easton Scout Flex youth baseball glove is the go-to option for many young players. It offers excellent quality at a reasonable price.

The most significant benefit of this glove may be the exaggerated pocket. You get a Grab All web that’s nearly 50% larger than the average web. Coupled with a Flex Notch system that ensures easier pocket closure, it enables your child to make more catches.

Another great thing about the glove is the three-piece construction. As a result, it’s both durable and relatively lightweight.

Moreover, the Easton Scout Flex youth baseball glove comes in right-handed throw, which is a left-handed glove, and you can only get it in sizes between 9 and 11 inches.

What you don’t get is a wider color variety. As of now, you can only buy the glove in a brown and black pattern.


  • Exaggerated pocket
  • Flex Notch system for easier catches
  • Durable yet lightweight design
  • Great for both right-handed throwers (glove on left hand)


  • Only available in sizes between 9 and 11 inches
  • Just one color option

Mizuno Prospect Select Youth Baseball Glove Series

Now let’s see another high-quality model on the list of the best youth baseball gloves. The Mizuno Prospect Youth Ball has a lot to offer. Primarily, there’s the PowerClose technology that helps the player catch more easily. In addition, once your kid has caught the ball, the hinges enable them to grip it tightly and secure the catch.

In addition, the glove boasts a closed back with a flex bridge. It supports the player’s wrist, further facilitating their grip on the ball.

Your young player will also appreciate the ButterSoft PU palm liner. It makes the glove more durable and comfortable.

The Mizuno Prospect Select uses the same material as the first entry on our list. It’s made of full-grain leather to deliver nearly unmatched softness.

That said, the glove has a few notable drawbacks. Even though it’s made of the same material as the Rawlings Select Pro Lite, it seems to be a little stiffer. As a result, it may take longer for your kid to break in the glove. The price could stand to be a bit lower, too.


  • PowerClose technology for improved catching
  • Wrist stability
  • Palm liner for greater durability and comfort
  • Full-grain leather


  • Stiffer than other gloves that use the same material
  • Relatively expensive

Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball Combo

The Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Glove is another attractive product. It’s a lightweight PVC glove designed to maximize comfort and ease of use for younger players. It also boasts exceptional durability, allowing it to last for multiple seasons without a hitch.

This youth glove comes in a wide range of colors for a more appealing design. Some of the models you can get include white, black, navy blue, red, orange, and royal.

Additionally, the glove comes with a soft-foam baseball. This means your kid can start practicing the moment they receive their new glove.

While the Franklin Sports is a solid youth glove, it doesn’t seem to consistently perform well. The biggest issue has to do with the pocket. In many cases, it’s too small for the standard baseball size, hindering your child’s catching development. Plus, it’s not as pliable as other gloves, increasing the break-in time.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Relatively durable
  • A wide array of colors
  • A soft-foam baseball is included


  • Too stiff for many players

Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves

The final entry on our list is another lightweight youth baseball glove. The Rawlings Players Series is perfect for beginners looking for a durable yet seamless design.

You get textured vinyl for excellent balance and quickness. There’s also a basket web pattern and a soft shell. Both components let players grab fly balls and scoop up grounders easily.

What is more, it’s available in a slew of colors. The most attractive options include camel/black, red/blue, and pink/purple.

The biggest problem with the glove is the fit. Breaking in the glove takes more time than usual, and lining up the fingers with the holes can be challenging.


  • Lightweight and robust
  • Basket web pattern and soft shell for better catching
  • Numerous colors


  • Problematic fit

Final Verdict

Now that we’ve gone through the list of the five best youth baseball gloves, it’s time to declare the winner. Our pick is the Rawlings Select Pro Lite due to a fantastic combination of minimal break-in time and lightweight materials. There are also various MLB player options, allowing your kid to mimic their favorite superstar.

You may also want to consider the Easton Scout Flex youth glove. It’s packed with features that can boost your child’s performance, such as the exaggerated grip and Flex Notch system.

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