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The Infield Fly Rule Explained — 12 Comments

  1. Hello, I love this site. I am interested in baseball because I grew up playing it. I played little league for about 8 years. I also umpired high school baseball about 7 years ago. Thanks for the site. I will be back to visit.

    • That’s awesome Darren! Having umpired, I’m sure you had your fair share of controversy with the infield fly rule. Thanks for stopping by and come on back anytime. ~Jeremy

  2. Hi Jeremy!
    Thanks for an interesting post about the infield fly rule. I don’t know a lot about the more advanced rules in baseball so I enjoyed learning about this one. Keep up the good work and I will return to learn more about this great sport.

    • Hey Andreas! Thanks for stopping by, and if you ever need anything cleared up, just drop me a reply and I’ll get right back with you. See ya soon. ~Jeremy

    • Thank you Ermin! I do hope it helps, this can be a very confusing rule. Thanks for dropping by and if you ever need a hand with anything, let me know, always happy to help. ~Jeremy

  3. Great article!
    I’m a huge baseball fan and this really made it easy to understand. A lot of times in the past they would try to explain it on TV or during a broadcast and completely confuse the heck out of me.
    Thank you!

    • Anytime Stu. This is probably the most confusing rule in baseball. I’m glad I could clear it up for you. If you ever have a question, just drop me a note and I’ll get back with you a.s.a.p. Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

  4. “In the second scenario, letโ€™s say the second baseman intentionally drops the ball. He could then pick the ball up, step on second, throw the ball to third, and then the person on third could throw the ball home. If each throw beats the runners to to the base and home, each runner would be out by force, completing the triple play.”

    If the second baseman steps on second, then the force is off at 3rd and home.

    • Awesome Joe!!
      What a great catch.
      It seems that the infield fly rule had me confused for a second ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’m headed into the back office to make the correction.
      Much appreciated brother!
      How are you enjoying the site?
      Thanks for stopping by and please stop by any time.

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