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Baseball Display Case – Show Off Your Collection!

Product: Home Plate Shape 12 Baseball Display Case Wall Cabinet Shadow Box Manufacturer: Display Gifts Best Place To Buy: Returns: 30 Days, No questions Asked My Rating: 5/5 Baseball display case – Product overview Having a special place to display your most prized baseballs has never been easier or more stylish than this. This Home Plate 12… Read More »

Heater Batting Cage With Pitching Machine Review

Product: Trend Sports, Heater Batting Cage With Pitching Machine Combo Best Place To Buy: Warranty: 1 year My Rating: 4/5 Heater Batting Cage With Pitching Machine, Product Overview If you are anything like me, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your kid’s (and your!) skills any way you can. Having the ability to walk… Read More »

Baseball Stats Abbreviations – What Do They Mean?

Hey everyone and welcome back! Today, we will be going through some of the most common baseball stats abbreviations and their meanings. The game of baseball is filled with tons of statistics. Some of the abbreviations used can be quite easy to understand, while others can be downright confusing. I get a lot of questions about what this… Read More »

Is Baseball Boring? – I Think Not!

Is Baseball as Boring as some say it is? We hear it all the time. “Baseball is so boring. They’re just standing there the whole time.” To baseball fans, this is an incredibly agitating statement, but to outsiders, that’s truly what it looks like. However, if you understand the game, baseball is among the most interesting sports in… Read More »

How Many MLB Teams Are There? – A Complete List

One commonly asked question I hear is, “How many MLB teams are there?” While the number of teams has grown since the beginning, I thought I would make a list of all the teams, when they started, and where they play. As of 2015, there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. The teams are split into 2… Read More »

Pitching Machine VS Live Pitching – Which Is Better?

As the debate over the use of pitching machines vs live pitching will most likely continue as long as pitching machines are available, I figured I would share some of my own thoughts and experiences with you. Pitching Machines When your kid is just starting out in Little League, the biggest problem you will most likely face is… Read More »