Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Review

Baseball became an organized sport between the 1840s and 1850s. After this development, it has become crucial that each player is great at their position in the game. Each player needs to improve their skills from the catcher to the pitcher and the outfielders.

The Hack Attack Baseball pitching machine by Sports Attack comes in to fill this gap and sharpen the skills of catchers and outfielders. You don’t need to rely on a real-life pitcher to take your batting skills to the next level. This piece of equipment will help you hone, practice, and refine your batting stroke skills.

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

This pitching machine offers you something unique. It has a special three-wheel build that lets you see and monitor the ball with ease through the feeding motion. In addition to seeing the ball, you can see its release and acceleration motion making it easier for the hitter to prepare to hit it with remarkable precision.

The 2015 model has an impressive design with an inside or outside adjustment, which can change location instantly.

What’s more, is that you don’t have to worry about transporting it. The unit can fit in any full-size vehicle or SUV. In addition to being easily portable, you won’t have to carry the machine to the field. It has wheels, making it easy to push it to the desired location.

Hack Attack baseball pitching machines are suitable for sliders, curveballs, and fastballs. The machine can pitch the balls at an incredible speed of 100MPH.

Who Is This Product For?

Different professionals can use the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine. If you are a baseball player in college, this machine will help take your batting skills to the next level.

Furthermore, if you are a professional major league player, the 100+MPH speed that the pitching machine throws balls will improve your catching or batting skills. You will be able to keep an eye on the ball’s movement in the feeding motion and take that shot when it’s time to.

Moreover, this machine is not limited to those levels only; for your high school baseball championship game, this device will prove to be crucial. It will deliver the balls just like the real thing. It is important to note that this product is recommended for male users.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the product, you will find the following in the box:

  • Fungo leg kit: This kit has a set of three legs with heavy-duty casters for the pitching machine. During fungo training, the legs can move with ease.
  • Conversion kit converts the baseball Hack Attack machine to Softball Machine.
  • Extended legs: Has a set of three legs for the pitching machine. The legs measure 67″, which raises the ball release height to 71″.

Overview of Features

The Hack Attack Pitching Machine has some impressive features. First, this pitching machine is highly portable. You don’t have to stress where to put it when traveling for your baseball training. The unit fits well in any full-size car or SUV.

Another great feature of the Hack Attack Pitching Machine is that it pitches several kinds of balls. The machine can pitch all these balls at incredible speeds, from split fingers, sliders, fastballs, and curveballs. In addition to that, the head can also pivot in any direction for pop-ups, ground balls, 380ft fly and line drives.

After purchasing this product, you will find some additional gear included with the pitching machine. One of the additional pieces of equipment in the box is extended legs. The legs are important as they raise the ball release height from 67″ to 71″. There is also a Fungo leg kit with a set of three legs. The fungo leg kit is essential during fungo training.

The 2015 Hack Attack baseball pitching machine model has a new, sleek look. In addition to the upgraded exterior design, this machine has an inside/outside adjustment, making it possible to change the location at the stroke of a button.

This pitching machine has a unique three-wheel construction that makes baseball training easy. As a hitter, you will be able to have a clear vision of the baseball position and prepare adequately to take your shot the same way you would with a live pitcher.

How to Use It

Using this machine is relatively easy. Once you have it set up with all the bolts and screws tightly fastened and the legs well-grounded, the next important step is to ensure it points straight at the home plate. Confirm that the pitcher’s locator is tight and unlock the travel lock.

Ensure the throwing height is correct, and finally, with the switch off, plug it into a power source. You are now ready to hit or catch those balls and get your game on.

It is important to note that there shouldn’t be anyone stepping between the machine and the hitter while it runs. The projectiles can cause serious injuries. Lastly, ensure you switch it off again before unplugging when you are done with practice.


  • Features heavy-duty leg caps to stabilize the machine
  • Has multipurpose use for high school, college, and professional level
  • Offers a three-wheel design for clear vision
  • Features a new sleek design
  • Easily portable


  • It includes a short 1-year warranty on the electronic control board, wheel engines, and wheels
  • It is relatively pricey


One machine that works well like the Hack Attack baseball pitching machine is the PowerNet Launch F-lite Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine. Anyone can use this pitching machine for softball and baseball sports. Moreover, it has variable speeds ranging from 40 to 90 MPH.


The Hack Attack baseball pitching machine is an excellent addition to outdoor training drills. You don’t have to count on your real-life pitcher to get those vital hours of batting training. Get this unit, and you are good to go. Moreover, you will get a five-year limited warranty, meaning you are covered in the event of manufacturer defects.

However, you should note that it does not include the electronic control board, wheel engines, and wheels with 1-year warranties each. Don’t hesitate to buy this pitching machine and see how greatly your batting skills will improve.