What Size Baseball Glove do I Need

The question we hear most often: What size baseball glove should I buy? The answer: it depends on your position and how you plan to use the glove.

What Size Baseball Glove Do I Need?

The best way to determine the appropriate size for a baseball glove is by using our Size Chart. Every player needs a different sized glove for optimal performance, comfort, and durability.

Read on to find out how to measure your glove, measure your hand, and determine what size baseball glove you need.

STEP 1: Understand Your Glove Size

The size of your glove is determined by the length of your hand, not your height. There are three things to consider when determining how large/small you want the glove:

a) Your position: Catchers and first basemen need room for their entire hand, whereas outfielders can get away with a smaller glove. Shortstops and second basemen benefit from a larger glove to help handle the ball and make throws across the infield.

b) How you plan to use the glove: The position you play will determine how you plan to use the glove. If you are a catcher, you will want more room in your glove so there is more flexibility when catching the ball.

c) Play Style: Some players prefer a larger pocket or deeper pocket for their glove because it makes closing the glove easier and helps catch errant throws better. Other people prefer a smaller pocket because it is easier to close and creates a deeper/straighter pocket.

STEP 2: Trace Your Hand

You can use our size chart below to determine your glove size, or you can trace your hand onto a piece of paper. Place your hand flat on the table with your fingers down, extended outwards for about 15-20 degrees. Trace around your hand, starting at the base of your thumb and ending at the tip of your pinky finger.

STEP 3: Find Your Glove Size

Using the chart below, find the row that contains your glove size to determine what size baseball glove you should be looking for. Remember that this is not a hard-and-fast rule that you must abide by. If you are a catcher and prefer more room in your glove, you can look at the next highest row as well if it helps make your decision easier. It’s all about what works for you!

Tips On Glove Break In:

  • Use a hair dryer to heat the pocket of the glove, and then place a ball in the pocket to mold it.
  • Hang your glove from a doorknob overnight, and leave it there for 2 weeks before using.  (this breaks down the leather and allows it to soften up)
  • Place towels in the pocket of your glove, and place it in a dryer for 10 minutes.
  • Iron gloves with your baseball mitt inside out to help soften up the leather.  Use low heat so you don’t burn the leather.


What size glove should I get for playing first base? 

If you play first, the size of your glove will depend on what kind of style you prefer. You can go with a smaller glove for faster closes and more quickness when trying to snag throws from your teammates.  

If you don’t mind having a deeper pocket, going with a larger glove will give you more room in the pocket for handling bad hops. If you want the perfect glove to both snare bad throws and close quickly, look at getting a glove that is between 11″ or 12″.

What size glove should I get for playing third base?

If you play third base, the size of your glove will depend on how much room you want in the pocket. Try and experiment with as many different styles as possible until you find one that works best for you. You can also try to switch back and forth between a smaller glove for quick snaring and a larger glove for receiving errant throws.

What size glove should a pitcher use? 

A pitcher should use a bigger glove around 10″ to 11″. This will give them more room in the pocket for catching bad throws and allow them to get a good grip on the ball after they have picked it up. If you want a deeper pocket, you can go with a 12″ model so it is easier to catch the ball and will help the pitcher get better control of the ball.

What size glove should a catcher use? 

A standard catcher’s mitt is around 16″ to 17″, but there are now models being made as small as 13″. This will depend on how much room the catcher prefers in the pocket.

The larger the pocket, the easier it will be for them to close their glove and snag throws from their teammates. If a player prefers a small glove, they can get a model around 11″ to 12″ so the pocket is more manageable and easier for them to control.


Now that you know more about what size baseball glove to get, go out and find something that fits your needs. Just remember that you should try several different models if possible before purchasing one so you can have a better idea of which ones fit best with your style of play.

You’ll also want to take into account how much room you want in the pocket, and what your budget is. Just make sure to go with a style that suits you best!