Tips to Catch a Baseball With Two Hands

Tips To Catch A Baseball With Two Hands

Baseball is a fun game loved by millions of people, both young and old, but it has its challenges. One of the most important aspects of playing baseball is catching the ball properly. Knowing how to catch the ball with the correct technique can ensure you don’t hurt yourself and that you don’t drop the ball.

Below, we will look at some of the best tips to catch a baseball with two hands.


The majority of people will advise you to purchase a quality baseball glove. Although that is important, there is another factor to consider as well. It must fit your needs. A heavy glove that is excessively protective is not necessary because the glove extends your hand.

Comfort is crucial, especially if the game will go on for several hours. When it comes to buying the product, you need to make sure the mitt is of the right size, depending on how big your hands are. Too small or too large mitts make catching harder.

Hand size, of course, is essential. Measurements are always made in inches. Inches are measured from the fingertip to the heel of the glove. A player’s age also plays a significant role. Under 11-inch gloves are ideal for players under 12 years of age. 12-14-inch gloves are best for older players.

Glove Breaking

The gloves need to be broken in sufficiently, as this is one of the essential aspects. In the beginning, new gloves are hard to play with because they haven’t been broken in. You may be unable to close your fist if you play with a completely new glove, allowing the ball to slip out of your grasp when caught. If possible, use an already broken-in glove. The age of the glove doesn’t matter.

Body Positioning For Catching

It is important to understand this. It is unlikely that you will be able to grab the ball unless you have positioned your body. If you stand straight, you won’t be able to catch the ball if the incoming ball is too close to the ground.

It is vital to have a loose, athletic posture when catching. You should face the batter or the person who throwing the ball.

Stand shoulder-width apart with your feet bent at the knees. Place your hands in front of your body. In order to move quickly forward or backward, you must balance your body on the balls of your feet.

Putting The Glove In The Right Place

As you hold out your glove, point the palms towards the ball. When a player prepares to throw, point your glove towards them.

It may be necessary to adjust how you make the catch from this position. In such a case, raise your hand if the ball is coming towards you. To catch it, if it is approaching your knees, squat down.

Foot Shuffling

Shuffling your feet can help you develop the finesse and flexibility to catch the baseball in a quick and snappy motion. You will be able to move more quickly in the ball’s direction, increasing your ability to catch it.

Keep An Eye On The Ball

If you’re not watching the incoming ball, you will not be able to catch it, no matter how good you are. The best way to make a successful catch, no matter how skilled you are, is to concentrate on the incoming ball, its trajectory, and where you are in relation.

Using Both Hands To Catch

It may be necessary to catch with one hand during the course of the match. However, there is a greater chance of you making mistakes and missing the catch altogether. Make sure you catch with both hands as often as possible, and you should do this more often.

You not only ensure that you actually catch the ball but that it won’t slip away. One can also throw the ball immediately back. Keep your hands cupped.

Tips to Catch a Baseball With Two Hands


If you still have a few questions in your mind about catching a baseball using two hands, take a look at the most commonly asked questions and their answers below.

What if I’m a complete beginner?

You can start with a simple tennis ball if you have any concerns about catching a baseball. Some beginners feel nervous, and it does them a lot of good to try with a tennis ball.

Baseball gloves are essential when playing the game, but sometimes one can develop skills better with bare hands.

Conduct catching drills without any equipment to get the basics down. Put in practice your hand-to-ball location skills by substituting soft tennis balls for hard ones and aiming to throw and catch the ball from close ranges, with a focus on hand movement. You can catch the ball more efficiently if your hands are placed where the ball is moving.

What is the proper two-hand technique?

Whenever catching a line drive or fly ball, the bare hand sits directly under the glove, and when fielding a ground ball, the hand rests directly on top of the glove. Getting the ball from the glove into the bare hand is quicker than turning the glove sideways and getting the ball into the bare hand. Similarly, it’s faster to take a ground ball away from the top with bare hands.

One can achieve a lot of repetitions by having several balls flipped to the player from a short distance.

When waiting for a ball, as in turning a double play, the bare hand sits next to the glove and a little to the throwing side.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – everything you need to know about catching a baseball with two hands. If you are just starting out with baseball, these tips will be invaluable to your development of skills and ease of play. All that’s left now is to get out there and get playing! Enjoy!