Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine Review

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Product: Jugs Small – Ball Pitching Machinejugs small ball pitching machine review

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Jugs Small – Ball Pitching Machine Review – Product Overview

The Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine is a very useful, high quality machine for any young baseball player keen to improve their batting skills. We discuss everything you need to know about it in this Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine Review.

JUGS Sports is a popular maker of baseball equipment and pitching machines. They make some of the most popular “real life” pitching machines on the market. The Small-Ball pitching machine is one of their very best products, targeted at young baseball players, who are just learning the game.

While the machine is designed for younger players, it offers plenty of opportunities for hitters of any level to have fun while improving their batting skills.

The Small – Ball pitching machine can even be used indoors so you never miss a practice session due to bad weather.

Jugs Small – Ball Pitching Machine – Features

To begin with, this pitching machine doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – only $206.53 on Amazon as of the writing of this post.

This is a great compromise for those who want a pitching machine to help their kids learn baseball and improve there swings, but are hesitant about buying the more expensive “real” pitching machines.

Power & Versatility:

The machine runs on 110-volt AC, and consists of a 25-ball feeder that releases a ball every 5 seconds. The unit can also run on a battery pack for hours of fun without trying to find a power source.

It has adjustable legs so that you can have a realistic simulation height for pitching baseball or softball.

Safety & Learning:

Hitters would practice against 5-inch polyurethane foam balls, which are half the scale of a typical baseball. Jugs small ballsThis is not only safer, but helps young hitters improve their concentration and focus better. It ensures that they keep their heads still and eyes perfectly level.

Since the balls are made from foam, there’s no risk of a young hitter getting injured if he or she was to get whacked by an actual baseball. They can practice hitting hard without any sort of fear. This would certainly help many young children get over their initial hesitation over playing baseball and hitting in particular.

Also, there’s no danger of your property getting damaged because of any aggressive hitting!

After your youngsters get comfortable hitting on this machine, they are really going to start hitting the ball much harder. With the machine set up in the garage, there was no damage done to any of the walls.

I actually used an old piece of drywall as a backstop & after thousands of pitches hitting it, there was almost no damage.

Fun, consistent & convenient

The machine throws up both fastballs and overhand curves with amazing accuracy. It is capable of delivering a range of simulated speeds, up to 75 miles per hour.

The 25-ball feeder allows for both manual and automatic feeds and is a pleasure to work with.
The machine is also very useful for fielding practice. It can be adjusted to shoot fly balls and ground balls. It can be used absolutely anywhere – in your backyard, garage, basement or in the park.

This Small-Ball Pitching Machine from JUGS is used in many high schools, colleges and youth leagues across the country.

Weighing in at just 23 pounds, the Jugs Small Ball can be easily thrown into the back of your truck or trunk and transported to the field, or up and down stairs if you decide to use it in the basement.

Here’s what I really liked about the Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine.

#1: The machine comes pre-assembled and can be used out of the box. You don’t need to do anything at all.

This means that within minutes of receiving the machine you will be up and running.

#2: It has two speeds for two different pitches – for the fastball and the curveball.

I was really impressed that a pitching machine in this price range delivered such consistency.

#3: Since the balls are small, hitting at them requires more focus and really improves your hand-eye coordination.

The size of the balls is really going to force the batter to keep their eyes on the ball and their head down. When it comes time to hit real balls, they are going to look like beach balls coming in! Seeing the ball is going to be much easier after practicing with the Jugs Small Ball.

#4: The machine consists of an automatic feeder. There’s no need to wait for someone else to throw the strikes.

This is a great feature that is included with the machine. This way when I have a day off, I can load up the Jugs small ball pitching machinemachine and get some extra swings in while I’m waiting for the kids to get home from school!

You can also pitch the balls manually if you want to do some coaching between pitches.

#5: Since the foam-like balls are pretty soft, you can practice indoors with the machine. It’s perfectly safe for that, and you won’t have any need for tunnel netting.

#6: The machine has a solid construction; there are absolutely no flaws in the design. It is light and portable and leaves minimal footprint. It attaches well to the stable steel tripod.

#7: JUGS offers a 1-year warranty to go with this machine, which is reassuring. Plus, it is available for a great price.

Jugs Small – Ball Pitching Machine Review – Drawbacks?

The Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine leaves very little to complain about. The machine does everything it says it will do and it does it well.

If I had to find something to complain about, it would have to be that the machine only comes with 5 balls.

If you don’t want to spend half your hitting session picking up balls, you will want to pick up an extra bucket or 2 of balls.

Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine Review – Wrap It Up!

I’m a big fan of this pitching machine as it helps young hitters focus better during practice and gain in confidence with every hitting session.

It’s a lot of fun for parents and coaches as well, and is available for a very reasonable price. It’s certainly an excellent gift for your kids that will help in developing hitting skills.

Using the Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine will improve your hitting skills!

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I hope you enjoyed this Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine Review. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will get right back with you.

You are going to love this pitching machine!

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