On This Date In Baseball History

Hey everyone!This date in baseball history

In this post, I will be sharing some significant happenings that occurred on this date in baseball history. Some of the events will be major accomplishments for individual MLB players and MLB teams, while others will be some of my own particular favorites.

I invite you to sit back with your beverage of choice and enjoy a tour through baseball history.
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July 1st, 1941

The great Joe DiMaggio continues his pursuit of the all time consecutive games hit streak.

On a rainy night in New York that would see the Yankees victorious over Boston, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio would tie a record for most consecutive games played, matching a mark set by Willie Keeler in 1897 at 44 games. Joe would go on to set the mark at 56 games, which still holds today.

Happy Birthday – Howie Camp 7/1/1893

July 2nd, 1963

Pitching a complete game shut-out is a great achievement by any pitcher.

Today’s game will become known in baseball as one of the greatest pitching duels in the history of the game.

Braves pitcher Warren Spahn and Giants pitcher Juan Merichal would go toe toe for a combined 30 scoreless innings! Unfortunately, someone had to lose this historical match-up, and who better than the great Willie Mays to launch a bomb in the bottom of the 16th to give the Giants a 1-0 win!

Happy Birthday – Jose Canseco 7/2/1964

July 3rd, 2009

One of the best hitters in baseball over the last decade is none other than former Cardinals great Albert Pujols.

In today’s Card’s 7-4 victory over Cincinnati, Albert would have the deciding hit when he belts the 10th grand slam of his career. The bases loaded dinger would set a new franchise record for Albert, moving him ahead of legend and Hall of Famer Stan Musial.

Happy Birthday – Frank Tanana 7/3/1953

July 4th, 1881

Back in the early days of baseball, Troy pitching sensation Mickey Welch would accomplish a rare feat indeed.

While celebrating his birthday, Mickey would hurl 2 complete game victories, sweeping the Bisons 8-3 and 12-0.  Future Hall of Famer Welch, would complete the season with a 21-18 record.

Mickey would go on to finish his career completing an astounding 525 of the 549 games he started!

Happy Birthday – Dan Larson 7/4/1954

July 5th, 2002

When we think about baseball’s greatest hitters, most fans will place Red Sox great Ted Williams somewhere near the top.

Today, the game would say goodbye to a true baseball legend, when Ted Williams dies of cardiac arrest at the age of 83.

In Ted’s illustrious career, he would boast a lifetime .344 batting average, win 6 A.L. batting titles, win 2 MVP awards and win baseball’s coveted triple crown twice! Ted was also the last player to bat over .400, finishing the 1941 season with a .406 batting average.

Happy Birthday – Rich (Goose) Goosage 7/5/1951

July 6th, 1980

When most baseball fans talk about the best pitchers to ever play the game, Steve Carlton will undoubtedly enter the conversation.

In an 8-3 Phillies win over the Cardinals, Carleton would rack up 7 strikeouts to bring his career total to 2,836, passing the great Mickey Lolich’s 2,832, to become baseball’s all time left handed strike out leader.

Carleton would finish his career with 4,136 K’s. Pitching phenom Randy Johnson would eventually surpass Carleton and end his career with 4,875 K’s, making him baseballs all time lefty strikeout king.

Happy Birthday – Willie Randolph 7/6/1954

July 7th, 2011

Today was a sad day in baseball history.

Texas Ranger fan Shannon Stone would fall to his death while reaching for a ball tossed into the stands by Texas outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Stone was a 39 year old firefighter from Brownwood, TX and was in attendance with his 6yr old son, Cooper.

Happy Birthday – Satchel Paige 7/7/1906

July 8th, 1949

In April of 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American man to play Major League Baseball.

However, it wouldn’t be until two years later that a black pitcher and black hitter would face each other; Don Newcombe, pitching for the Dodgers, and Hank Thompson, second baseman for the Giants. The Dodgers would win the game 4-3.

Happy Birthday – Chuck Malone 7/8/1965

July 9th, 1963

No, Willie Mays does not need to hit home runs and extra base hits to carry a team to victory.

In a 5-3 National League All Star Game victory, Willie would score 2 runs, knock in 2 RBI’s with a single, swipes 2 bases, gets a walk and makes a typically amazing Willie Mays catch.

The game would also see the great Stan Musial make his Major League record 24th All Star Game appearance.

Happy Birthday – Pete McBride 1875

July 10th, 1934

Being chosen to pitch in a Major League All-Star Game is one of the biggest honors a pitcher can receive. Striking out future hall of famer Babe Ruth is a feat worth writing home about.

In MLB’s 2nd All Star game, pitcher Carl Hubell would not only strike out The Babe, he would go on to strike out 5 hall of famers in a row! After allowing 2 batters to reach in the first inning, Carl would strike out Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx to end the inning. He then strikes out Al Simmons and Joe Cronin to start the 2nd.

Hubell would exit the game with a 4-0 lead, but the American League would eventually prevail 9-7.

Happy Birthday – Andre Dawson 7/10/1954

July 11th, 1987

Two brothers playing in Major League Baseball is a rare feat. Two brothers playing on the same team is even more rare.

Today in baseball history, Cal Ripken, SR, would become the first Father to manage two sons . Unfortunately for sons Billy and Cal Ripken, they would come up a little short in a 2-1 loss to Minnesota.

Happy Birthday – Bob Allison 7/11/1934

July 12th, 1949

Just 2 years after one baseballs greatest players, Jackie Robinson, brought down baseballs color barrier forever, another long overdue first occurred.

Jackie Robinson would join other baseball greats Larry Doby, Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe as the first African American players to appear in a Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The American League would beat the National League 11-7.

Happy Birthday – Ron Fairly 7/12/1938

July 13th, 1934

In the history of Major League Baseball, only 3 players have hit 700 or more home runs in their careers.

In a 4-2 defeat of the Detroit Tigers, Babe Ruth would become the founder of the 700 home run club. Ruth would later be joined by baseball greats Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds.

In this same game, Lou Gehrig would leave the game with a bad case of Lumbago, nearly ending his consecutive games played streak. He would enter the game for one at bat the next day to keep the streak alive.

Happy Birthday – Yadier Molina 7/13/1982

July 14th, 1968

All time great and perennial home run hitter Hank Aaron will definitely find himself among the list of many baseball fans all time favorite players.

During a 4-2 win over the Giants at Atlanta Stadium, Hammering Hank would become the eighth Major League baseball player to join the 500 home run club. Hank would go no to hit 755 home runs in his career.

Happy Birthday – Tim Hudson 7/14/1975

July 15th, 1973

With 5,714 career strikeouts, the name Nolan Ryan frequently enters the discussion about the best pitchers of all time.

Today, in a 6-0 blanking of the Detroit Tigers, Nolan struck out 17 Tiger’s batters en route to his second no-hitter of the season. Ryan was so dominant in the game, that with two outs in the bottom of ninth inning, Tiger’s great Norm Cash came to the plate with a clubhouse table leg in his hands in place of his bat!

Happy Birthday – Bruce Edwards 7/15/1923

July 16th, 1920

In a 5-2 Yankees win over the St. Louis Browns, Babe Ruth would break his own single season home run record, hitting his 30th round tripper of the year.

The 1920 season would also go on to see Ruth become the first player to pass the 50 home run mark in a single season, finishing the year with 54 dingers.

Happy Birthday – Joe Jackson 7/16/1889

July 17th, 1941

When I think of all the records that have been set in the history of baseball, there are some that I believe will never be broken.

One of these records belongs to the great Joe Dimaggio. In a 4-3 Yankees win over the Indians, 67,00 fans witnessed the end of  Joe’s astounding 56 game hitting streak. Since then, the closest any player has come come to this record was in 1978, when the great Pete Rose hit in 44 consecutive games.

Happy Birthday – Bobby Thigpen 7/17/1963

July 18th, 1927

After spending an amazing 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, Ty Cobb joined the 4,000 hit club, but not with the Tigers.

Now playing with the Philadelphia Athletics, Cobb came to the plate in the first inning to face former teammate Sam Gibson and hit a double for his 4,00th hit…. at Navin Field, IN DETROIT!

Happy Birthday – Tori Hunter 7/18/1975

July 19th, 1910

Most baseball fans know the name Cy Young. In 1956, baseball introduced the Cy Young award, given to the best pitchers in the game; one for the American league and one for the National League.

On today’s date in 1910, Cy picked up his 500th career win pitching for the Cleveland Indians in a 5-4, 11 inning victory over the Washington Senators.

Happy birthday – Bob Pettit 7/19/1861

July 20th, 1941

When we think about the best hitters in baseball history, the name Joe DiMaggio will almost always come to the forefront of most of our minds.

One shining example of Joe’s prowess at the plate came in a stunning 12-6 Yankees win at Detroit in a 17 inning marathon, when DiMaggio hit three doubles and a home run to lead the Yankees to victory.

Happy Birthday – Bengie Molina 7/20/1974

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July 21st, 1973

When it comes to Home Runs, a few names pop into your head immediately. Up near the top will certainly be Hank Aaron.

Facing Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Ken Brett, in the third inning of an 8-4 defeat, Hank Aaron joined a very exclusive club, belting his 700th career home run, joining founding member Babe Ruth in the 700 home run club.  As of 2015, there are only 3 members of this club, which now includes Barry Bonds.

Happy Birthday – C.C. Sabathia 7/21/1980

 July 22nd, 1905

Throwing a no hitter can certainly brighten any pitchers season, no matter how the rest of the season goes.

Back when Philadelphia went by the name Philadelphia Athletics, pitcher Weldon Henley threw a no hitter against the then St. Louis Browns in a 6-0 victory. Unfortunately, Henley would go on to finish the season with a dismal 4-11 record.

Happy Birthday – Ryan Volgelsong 7/22/1977

July 23rd, 1978

Most New York Yankee fans know the name Billy Martin; the fiery and, some would say, overzealous head coach of the Yankees.

After a game in which the Yankees had won their 5th straight game, Martin was asked about his feelings about Reggie Jackson and George Steinbrenner. Billy replied “The two deserve each other. One’s a born liar; the other’s convicted.” Billy was never one to keep his thoughts to himself and the remarks would ultimately cost him his job.

Happy Birthday – Don Drysdale 7/23/1936

July 24th, 1978

Love him or hate him (I love him), Pete Rose is baseball’s all time hit leader.

During a 5-3 win over the Mets, Pete hits two singles to extend his hitting streak to 37 games, tying the modern Major League record. Joe Dimaggio still holds the all time hitting streak with hits in 56 consecutive games in 1941. This is one record I personally never see being beat. What do you think?

In an unfortunate, costly, teachable moment, New York Mets pitcher Pat Zachry, after giving up the hit to Rose, breaks his foot while kicking the dugout steps effectively ending his season!

Happy Birthday – Barry Bonds 7/24/1964

July 25th, 1930

If your name isn’t Ricky Henderson, you know that stealing a base in baseball is a difficult proposition.

In a game against the Indians, the Athletics managed to pull off a triple steal. But wait… they did it twice! This is the only time in the history of Major League Baseball that this feat was accomplished!

Happy Birthday – Red Holt 7/25/1894

July 26th, 1948

When we think about the great game of baseball and all the legends who have left their mark on the game, without question, Babe Ruth tops the list. Whether or not you agree that he is the greatest player of all time or not, you will most likely agree that he is the most well known.

On today’s date in baseball history, Babe Ruth would make his final public appearance at the premiere of the film “The Babe Ruth Story” in New York. Sadly, for baseball fans around the world, he would die 3 short weeks later.

If you would like to read more about the Great Bambino, check out my article – The Greatest Baseball Player of All Time

Happy Birthday – Sam Jones 7/26/1892

July 27th, 1890

During an MLB game today, the home team is required to have 90 baseballs on hand. According to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ equipment manager, his team goes through an average of 120 baseballs a game (imagine the Sandlot kids hearing this).

On this date in 1890, the Brooklyn Gladiators were leading the Columbus Solons 13-8 in the 8th inning. Unfortunately for the Gladiators, they actually ran out of their supply of game balls and were forced to forfeit the game. Maybe this set the tone for the rest of the season, because the Gladiators lost 74 of 100 games and disbanded on August 25th.

Happy Birthday – Alex Rodriguez 7/27/1975

July 28th, 1963

Stan Musial – AKA “Stan the Man”, is without question one of baseballs all time greats.

Today would be one of those rare off days for Stan. In a 5-1 Cardinals loss to the Cubs at Wrigley Field, Musial would do something that he never had before, or would ever do again when he was struck out 3 times by Cubs pitcher Dick Ellsworth.

Musial played 22 years in the Big’s!

Happy Birthday – Vida Blue 7/28/1949

July 29th, 1989

Base stealing is an art and Major League Baseball has produced no finer an artist than the great Ricky Henderson.

Today, in a stunning display of speed, Ricky would steal 5 bases and score 4 runs, without even recording an official at bat. Pitching great Randy Johnson would walk Ricky 4 times in the game.

Unfortunately for Henderson, his efforts would not be enough as Johnson would still get the win in a 14-6 Mariners win over the A’s.

Happy Birthday – Dan Driessen 7/29/1951

July 30th, 1983

When it comes to superstitious players and fans (and owners too!), most would agree that baseball takes the cake.

Atlanta Braves mascot, Chief Noc-a-Homa and his teepee, had been a long standing tradition in Fulton County Stadium’s left field forMLB seating capacity the Braves.

Today, in an effort to increase seating capacity, the Braves would remove the Chief to make room. Unfortunately for the Braves, they would go on a 2-19 loosing streak following the Chief’s removal. Needless to say, the Chief would be reinstated to his home in left.

Happy Birthday – Casey Stengel 7/30/1890

 July 31st, 1990

Most baseball fans know that Nolan Ryan is baseball’s all time strike out leader.

But it wasn’t until Ryan reached the ripe old age of 43 when he would finally join the 300 win club.

Today, in an 11-3 win over the Brewers, Ryan would go 7-2/3 and only give up 1 earned run against a powerhouse Milwaukee lineup to earn his spot in the 300 win club.

Ryan would go on to finish his career with 324 wins and end up right where he belongs… In the Hall of Fame!

Happy Birthday – Howard Bailey 7/31/1957


August 1st, 1937

We all know how hard it is to hit a home run in Major League Baseball. Hitting a home run, a single, a double and a triple in the same game is truly a rare feat. This accomplishment is known as “hitting for the cycle”.

Today, in a 14-5 victory over the St. Louis Browns, Yankee legend and future Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig would accomplish this feat for the second time in his illustrious career.

It would be the last time Gehrig would hit for the cycle.

Happy Birthday – Madison Bumgarner 8/1/1989

August 2nd, 1979

Today would be sad day in baseball history.

Just 1 year after helping the Yankees to 2 straight World Series titles over the Los Angeles Dodgers, Yankees great Thurman Munson would die in a crash of his private plane in Canton, Oh.

Fans would honor Munson before the next days game against the O’s with a long standing ovation.

Thurman was only 32 years old at the time of the crash.

Happy Birthday – Tim Wakefield 7/2/1966

August 3rd, 1989

In a stunning display of offensive prowess, today’s Reds – Astros game would see several new MLB records set.

During the first inning of the Reds 18-2 pounding of the Astros, the Reds would put 14 runs on the board.

Records set would include, most singles in an inning with 12, most hits in an inning with 16, most players with 2 hits during an inning with 7 and most players to score twice during an inning with 6. Reds pitcher Tom Browning would pick up the complete game win.

Happy Birthday – Harry Heilmann 8/3/1894

August 4th, 1948

“That one is long gone”!

Today would see Baseball announcing legend Ernie Harwell begin an illustrious 55 year career as a  Major League Baseball announcer with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Harwell becomes the first and only announcer ever traded for a player in MLB histoy when Dodger’s general manager Branch Rickey trades Cliff Dapper to the Crackers for Harwell’s contract to broadcast.

Ernie would spend 3 years with Brooklyn, 4 years with the New York Giants and 6 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles before spending the remaining 42 years of his career announcing for the Detroit Tigers.

Harwell would be inducted into the Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame in 1989.

Happy Birthday – Roger Clemens 8/4/1962

August 5th, 1921

Today would see a first in baseball, an event that would change the game for fans forever.

In an 8-5 Pirates win over the Phillies at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, PA, 25 year old Westinghouse worker Harold Arlin would call the first game broadcast over the radio on KDKA, America’s first commercial radio station.

After getting over its initial doubts that baseball would never be commercially viable, KDKA would go on to broadcast Pirates games for the next 86 years!

Happy Birthday – Carl Crawford 8/5/1981

August 6th, 1952

Most baseball fans have heard the name Satchel Paige.

While Satchel would spend the majority of his career in the negro leagues, he would also set some records in the Majors.

Today would see Paige set 2 records.

In a 12 inning display of pitching dominance, Satchel would shut down the Detroit Tigers 1-0. By accomplishing this feat, Paige becomes the oldest player to throw a complete game and also the oldest player to pitch a shut out. Satchel was 47 years old!

Happy Birthday – Sherry Magee 8/6/1884

August 7th, 1999

When we think of the best players to ever grace the field at third base, most fans will surely include the great Wade Boggs.

Today would see Boggs reach a level that most hitters will never see when he hits a towering home run in the 6th inning off Indians pitcher Chris Haney. This home run would be Bogg’s 3000th career hit.

Despite Wade’s 3 for 4 performance and the home run, Tampa Bay would fall to Cleveland 15-10.

Happy Birthday – Don Larsen 8/7/1929

August 8th, 2003

The art of closing a game in Major League Baseball is something special. Being a closer requires nerves of steel.

Today in baseball history would see Dodgers 9th inning closing specialist Eric Gagne set the Major League record for most saves in a row from the beginning of a season when he closes out a 3-1 victory over the Cubs.

It would be Gagne’s 39th consecutive save since the beginning of the season. This was also Eric’s 48th straight save overall, which is only 6 shy of the all time mark set by Tom Gordon with 54.

When combined with consecutive saves from the previous season, Gagne would set the Major League consecutive saves record in 2003 at an astounding 84 in a row!

Happy Birthday – Hal McClure 8/8/1859

August 9th, 2002

One of the most exclusive clubs in Major League Baseball is the 700 home run club with only 3 members in its history.

Today would see controversial outfielder Barry Bonds join all time greats and Hall of Famers Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron as the only players to hit 600 home runs in their careers when he smashes a line drive homer to center field at Pacific Bell Park.

Bonds would go on to finish his career with 762. As of 2015, there are 8 players who have hit 600 or more home runs in their career; Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffy Jr., Jim Thome and Sammy Sosa.

Happy Birthday – Troy Percival 8/9/1969

 August 10th,1981

When any professional sport goes on strike, it hurts everyone involved.

Today in 1981, Major League Baseball picked up the season after a two month strike. This was the fourth work stoppage in the majors, occurring in the middle of the regular season. It forced the cancellation of 713 games. Players lost $4 million a week in salaries and owners suffered an overall loss of $72 million.

The season finally resumed on August 10th with the All-Star game.

Happy Birthday – Anthony Gose 8/10/1990

August 11th,1950

Nobody is perfect. Every single player in the game has their slumps, no matter how amazing they may be.

Joe DiMaggio had a career batting average of .325. He was a 13 time All-Star and 3 time AL MVP. However, on this date in 1950, he was benched for the first time in his career. He was batting a mere .279 that year and was currently in a 4-for-38 slump.

So kids, keep this in mind when you’re not doing so well; even Joe DiMaggio got benched.

Happy Birthday – Melky Cabrera 8/11/1984

August 12th, 1964

Today in baseball history would see all time great Mickey Mantle set yet another record.

In a 7-3 victory over Chicago, Mantle would hit 2 home runs, one from each side of the plate.

This would be the 10th and final time in Micky’s career that he would accomplish this feat, a Major League Baseball record.

Happy Birthday – Matt Clement 8/12/1974

August 13, 1978

In the event of a rain out today, if the top of the 5th inning has been completed and the home team is ahead, they win. If the bottom of the 5th has been completed, whichever team is ahead is the winner.

In 1978, the rules were a little different. On August 13, the Orioles were leading the Yankees 3-0 in the sixth. Then, in the top of the 7th, New York scored 5 runs. It began to rain heavily in the bottom of the 7th, ending the game. Even though the Yankees were ahead, the score reverted back to the last completed inning, so the Orioles were declared the winners. This rule was changed in 1980.

Happy Birthday – Jay Buhner 8/13/1964

August 14, 1958

Back in the day, baseball was a bit of a different game than it is today. When the game was within one run, stealing home wasn’t all that uncommon.

On this date in 1958, Vic Power of the Cleveland Indians stole home twice in one game. Again, this wasn’t as uncommon as it is today. After all, 8 other players have done it, too. The funny part about Power stealing home twice was that he only had 3 steals that year.

Happy Birthday – Clay Buchholz 8/14/1984

August 15th, 1990

This date in baseball history will see controversial slugger Mark McGwire do something that not even Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron managed to do.

With a 2-2 tie in the 10th inning of an A’s – Sox game, McGwire would come to the plate with the bases loaded and hit a grand slam to give the A’s a 6-2 victory.

This would mark the first time in baseball history that a player would hit 30 or more home runs in each of their first 4 seasons.

Happy Birthday – Scott Brosius 8/15/1966

August 16th, 1920

Rule 3.02 says that no player shall damage a ball with any foreign substance. Rule 3.08 says that all batters must wear some sort of single ear-flap helmet.

In 1920, neither of these rules existed.

On August 16th, 1920, Carl Mays was pitching to Ray Chapman. The ball was in very poor condition and Mays pitched side-armed, making the ball nearly invisible to Chapman. Chapman was beamed in the head, the noise being so loud that Mays thought it hit the bat, so he fielded it and threw it to first. Chapman slowly fell to his knees, blood coming from his ear. He attempted to walk off the field himself, but his knees buckled and he was assisted off the field and taken to the hospital.

Ray Chapman died 12 hours later.

Happy Birthday – Yu Darvish 8/16/1986

August 17th, 1973

With a career batting average of .302, 338 stolen bases, and 3,283 hits, Willie Mays is undoubtedly one of the best players in Major League history.

Today in 1973, he would hit his 660th, and final, homerun off of Don Gullett of Cincinnati. This would be his last season. He is currently 5th on the all-time homerun list.

Happy Birthday – Dustin Pedroia 8/17/1983


August 18th, 1909

No MLB team has used a player-manger in over 25 years. However, they used to be quite common, with players like Ty Cobb and Pete Rose being player-mangers at some point in their careers.

In 1909, player-manager Arlie Latham stole second base in a New York vs Phillies game. At 49 years old, he is the oldest MLB player ever to steal a base.

Happy Birthday – Roberto Clemente 8/18/1934

August 19th, 1992

There have been many amazing father-and-son combinations to play the game of baseball. Whether it be Ken Griffey, Sr. and Ken Griffey, Jr., or Cecil and Prince Fielder, it seems that baseball is in the blood of some families.

In 1992, Bret Boone made history when he debuted at second base for the Mariners. He became part of the first three-generation family to play in the majors, his grandfather being Ray Boone and his father being Bob Boone.

Happy Birthday – J.J. Hardy 8/19/1982

August 20th, 1938

Lou Gerhig had a phenomonal career. Even though it was cut short, he packed a lot of greatness into it, finishing with a .340 career batting average.

On August 20th, 1938, Lou Gerhig hit his 23rd and final grand slam of his career. This was the record for nearly 60 years until it was broken by Alex Rodriguez in 1994.

Happy Birthday – Al Lopez 8/20/1908

August 21st, 1947

Some of baseball’s best players participated in the Little League World Series. Players such as Tod Frazier, Jason Bay, and Gary Sheffield have all played in the tournament.

Today in 1947, the first LLWS tournament was held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Happy Birthday – J.D. Martinez 8/21/1987

August 22nd, 1989

Nolan Ryan was crazy good. He regularly threw 100+ mph, even late in his career when he was in his 40s. He’s the all-time leader in no-hitters and strikeouts, by a wide margin.

Today in 1989, Nolan Ryan strikes out Rickey Henderson of the Athletics to become the first and only pitcher to reach 5,000 strikeouts.

Happy Birthday – Paul Molitor 8/22/1956

August 23rd, 1982

Gaylord Perry was the self-proclaimed spitball king. Whether he actually spit on the ball or just made batters think he was doing it, it gave him an advantage.

On August 23rd, 1982, Perry was finally caught. Or perhaps someone just got sick of it and finally decided to eject him. After 20 years of throwing the spitball, Perry was thrown out of the Seattle vs Boston game.

Happy Birthday – George Kell 8/23/1922

August 24th, 1989

Call me biased, but I think it’s blatantly evident that someone in the MLB has a personal vendetta against Pete Rose.

Today in 1989, Pete Rose was issued a lifetime ban from baseball, including the Hall of Fame, for allegedly betting on games. Keep in mind, there was zero evidence of this and Rose didn’t admit to it.

Happy Birthday – Nick Adenhart 8/24/1986

August 25th, 1922

They say that pitching wins games. No matter how well you can hit, if the other team can pitch better, you don’t stand a chance.

Well in 1922, pitching quality was very poor between the Cubs and the Phillies. The final score was 26-23, with the Phillies leaving the bases loaded in the 9th. The game ended with a total of 51 hits, 23 walks, and 10 errors. That’s either some phenomenal hitting or some not-so-good pitching.

Happy Birthday – Justin Upton 8/25/1987

August 26th, 1939

National MLB broadcasts draw in around 2 to 5 million viewers. Local broadcasts have anywhere between 14,000 and 210,000 viewers. People love baseball. People love to watch baseball.

Today in 1939, Ebbets field hosted the first MLB telecast, the Reds playing the Dodgers in a double header. It aired on W2XBS with Red Barber announcing. There were no monitors and only two cameras; one on Barber and one behind the plate. The Dodgers won the first game 6-2, and the Reds take the second 5-1.

Happy Birthday – Elvis Andrus 8/26/1988

August 27th, 1990

There have been many rain delays this year. There have also been delays for lights that have gone out. There have been no gnat delays.

25 years ago, the Brewers were playing the Blue Jays. Players began swatting in mid-air like crazy. A giant swarm of gnats had descended and taken over the field. Players ran off the field, some spraying bug spray on one another. The game was delayed for 35 minutes, the situation getting a little better once the roof was closed and the A/C was turned on. The Brewers ended up winning 4-2.

Happy Birthday – Mike Maddux 8/27/1961

August 28th, 1926

Nowadays, most starting pitchers can only make it about 6-7 innings a game. It’s considered great if they can finish the game.

Today in 1926, Dutch Levsen of the Cleveland Indians pitched two complete games against the Boston Red Sox.  While he didn’t strike anyone out in either game, Cleveland won both; 6-1 and 5-1.

Happy Birthday – Carlos Quentin 8/28/1982

August 29th, 1992

Whenever a Major Leaguer reaches a milestone such as his first career hit or record-setting strikeout, he likes to keep the ball.

On this date in 1992, Charlie Leibrandt of the Atlanta Braves completed his 1,000th strikeout. As anybody would, he rolled the ball to the dugout for safe-keeping. However, before he did so, he sort of forgot that you can’t really just throw the ball on the ground without calling time. While the ball was rolling to the dugout, Ricky Jordan saw his opportunity and took second on what was ruled an error.

Always pay attention.

Happy Birthday – Marc Rzepczynski 8/29/1985

August 30th, 1905

Ty Cobb set 90 MLB records in his 23 year career. Nearly 90 years later, he still holds on to some of them, including highest career batting average at .366.

Cobb’s extraordinary career began today in 1905. He helped the Detroit Tigers defeat New York 5-3 by doubling off of Jack Chesbro. This would be his first of 4,189 career hits, a record that would be beaten by Pete Rose in 1985.

Happy Birthday – Adam Wainwright 8/30/1981

August 31st, 1990

Some families are just born to play baseball.

Today in 1990, Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. became the first father-son combination in Major League history to play as teammates. Jr. played center field and Sr. played left. They each went 1-for-4 in a Mariner’s 5-2 victory over the Royals.

Happy Birthday – Ramon Santiago 8/31/1979


September 1st, 1987

During their time with the Cleveland Indians, AA team Williamsport Bills didn’t have the best record. In their two seasons with the Indians, the Bills finished 6th and 7th in a league with 8 teams.

Along with being unsuccessful comes desperate attempts at trying to win. Today in 1987, catcher Dave Bresnahan decided to change things up a bit. After a timeout, with a runner on third, he returns to his position with a peeled potato. He throws the potato wildly down to third in a pickoff attempt, and while the runner jogs home, Bresnahan tags him with the actual baseball. The umpire was not impressed and called the runner safe, as well as giving the catcher an error. Manager Gomez gave Bresnahan a $50 fine.

The potato became something of a running gag for awhile. Bresnahan left a bag of 50 potatoes in Gomez’s office with the inscription “this spud’s for you.” He also left a potato in each of his teammates’ lockers as a final goodbye.

Happy Birthday – David Carpenter 9/1/1987

September 2nd, 1971

Poor Bill Buckner can’t seem to catch a break.

We all know of his infamous “between the legs” error to allow the winning run to Boston in game 6 of the 1986 World Series. However, 15 years prior, Buckner fell victim to more bad luck.

Cesar Cedeno hit a 200-foot fly ball in the bottom of the fifth inning of an Astros-Dodgers game. Somebody wasn’t paying attention, as Buckner and Lefebvre collided in the outfield, allowing the baseball to fall and Cedeno to get an inside-the-park grand slam.

Better luck next time, Billy.

Happy Birthday – Christian Bethancourt 9/2/1991

September 3rd,  1981

Today, MLB games do not have a set curfew except those imposed by local law. However, in 1981, no game could be played past 1 am.

On this date in 1981, Fenway Park saw its longest game in history. The Red Sox and the Seattle Mariners played 19 innings before the game had to be suspended due to the curfew, the score being tied at 7-7. It was resumed the next day, the Mariners winning 8-7 in the 20th.

Happy Birthday – Luis Gonzalez 9/3/1967

September 4th, 1993

Jim Abbott was an amazing pitcher. He pitched in the majors for ten years. In 1987, he won the Golden Spikes Award, an award given to the best amateur player. Abbott did all of this with one hand, as he was born without his right hand.

Today in 1993, he threw the Yankees’ first no-hitter in 10 years. This was a 4-0 victory over the Cleveland Indians.

Happy Birthday – Jordan Schafer 9/4/1986

September 5th, 1955

Don Newcombe had it all. He was a phenomenal pitcher, being the first player to win Rookie of the Year, MVP, and Cy Young awards in his career. He could also hit, frequently being called in as a pinch hitter, a rarity for pitchers. As if that wasn’t enough to get you to like him, he’s a wonderful person. Newcombe dedicates his time and energy to helping people get back on track after substance abuse.

Today in 1955, Newcombe set a National League record for most home runs by a pitcher in a single season. This was his 7th home run of the season. Only one pitcher has more single-season home runs than Newcombe; Wes Ferrell with 9.

Happy Birthday – Chris Young 9/5/1983

September 6th, 1995

Up until 1995, Lou Gehrig held the MLB most consecutive games played record for 56 years.

However, today in 1995, Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles played his 2,131st consecutive game to beat Gehrig’s previous record. Ripken Jr. would go on to play 2,632 consecutive games. His record still stands to this day.

Happy Birthday – Red Faber 9/6/1888

September 7th, 1889

Lights didn’t come around in the MLB until around 1935. This proved problematic for previous games that went into the evening hours.

Today in 1889, the St. Louis Browns and the Brooklyn Bridegrooms were playing a crucial two-game series, both teams searching for the pennant. It was the ninth inning, and the Browns were winning 4-2. They then decided it was too dark for them, and began to leave the field. As they were leaving the park, they got hit wit bottles thrown by members of the crows. The ump ruled this a sacrifice, and the Bridegrooms won the game.

About two weeks later, the sacrifice was reversed. The Browns were back within 4 1/2 games of the Bridegrooms. However, Brooklyn would go on to win the pennant.

Happy Birthday – Wade Davis 9/7/1985

September 8th, 1880

The Polo Grounds was a group of three stadiums in Upper Manhattan, NY. It was home to just about everything from football to motor cross.

In 1880, the Polo Grounds was leased by the new National Association Metropolitan club. The grounds were converted into the first commercial ball park in Manhattan, opening three weeks after it was leased.

Happy Birthday – Gerrit Cole 9/8/1990

September 9th, 1977

Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell were something special. Combined, they were 11 time All-Stars, received 7 Gold Glove awards, and got 7 Silver Slugger awards. However, neither of them are in the Hall of Fame.

Today in 1977, Trammell and Whitaker made their debut together in the second game of a double-header against the Red Sox. The duo would hold down the second base and shortstop positions in Detroit for a record 19 years.

Happy Birthday – Will Middlebrooks 9/9/1988

September 10th, 1989

Few people have played both football and baseball at the professional level. In fact, fewer than 70 people have been in both the MLB and the NFL. That’s a pretty small number considering around 20,000 people have played in each of the leagues.

On September 10th, 1989, Deion Sanders returned a punt 68 yards for a touchdown in his NFL debut for the Atlanta Falcons. Five days prior, Sanders hit a home run for the Yankees in and 12-2 win over Seattle. He becomes the first player to accomplish both within the same week.

Happy Birthday – Randy Johnson 9/10/1963

September 11th, 1974

While many of us associate 9/11 with the cowardly acts carried out on innocent people by terrorists, today we will visit New York on a night that would see a few new MLB records set.

Today in baseball history would see the Mets lose a 4-3 heart breaker to the Cardinals in a 25 inning marathon.

Some of the records set during the game would include

  • 103 plate appearances by the Mets. The only team with 100 or more PA’s in a game.
  • There are 175 official at bats in the game
  • 45 base runners were left on base (LOB)

At seven hours and four minutes long, it was the longest game ever played with a victor decided.

Happy Birthday – Jacoby Ellsbury 9/11/1983

September 12th, 1984

When most baseball fans think of the games greatest pitchers, most will leave out Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden.

Today would see the Mets rookie pitching phenom surpass Herb Score’s all time mark of 245 K’s to set the new record for strike outs by a rookie in a season at 251.

Dwight would strike out 16 Pirates in the game.

Happy Birthday – Spud Chandler 9/12/1907

September 13th, 1909

When we think about winning MLB’s home run title, we don’t often think about single digit numbers.

Today would see the great Ty Cobb win the A.L. home run title when he hit only his 9th homer of the year vs the Browns.

Crazy fact: All 9 of Cobb’s home runs this year are of the Inside The Park variety, including two in one game!

The only player to hit more inside the park homers is Sam Crawford, who hit 12 in 1901.

Happy Birthday – Bernie Williams 9/13/1968

September 14th, 1991

When it comes to hitting monster home runs, Detroit’s Cecil Fielder has had more than his fair share.

On this date in baseball history, Cecil would launch a 502′ dinger that would land in the back of a pick up truck in the parking lot!

It is the first homer hit out of Milwaukee’s County Stadium.

Detroit would win the game 6-4.

Happy Birthday – Delmon Young 9/14/1985

September 15th, 1901

Today would see the most lopsided victory in the history of the American League.

The Detroit Tigers would dish out 24 hits in a 21-0 drumming of Cleveland.

The game was so out of hand that it ended up being called in the 7th inning so Cleveland would be able to catch their train.

Ironically, this record would stand until 2004, when the Indians would defeat the Yankees 22-0.

Happy Birthday – Gaylord Perry 9/15/1938

September 16th, 1975

Hits, hits and more hits!

This day in baseball history would see Pirates second baseman Rennie Stennett match a major league record dating back to 1892.

In a 22-0 nothing drumming of the Cubs, Rennie would go 7 for 7 at the plate, and have 2 hits in 1 inning twice!

This game would also tie a NL record set in 1900 for the most lopsided score of a game.

Happy Birthday – Tim Raines 9/16/1959

September 17th, 1941

When it comes to legends of the game, no list is complete without the name Stan Musial.

Today in baseball history would see the debut of a legend in St. Louis.

In the first game in a career that would last 22 seasons with the Cardinals, Stan would go 2 for 4 at the plate and drive in 2 runs.

With 3,630 hits, 475 homers and a career batting average of .331, it’s no wonder fans nicknamed him “Stan the Man”.

Happy Birthday – Whitey Glazner 9/17/1893




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