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Howdy everyone! Today we will be doing a Stalker Sport 2 radar gun review.

Product: Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun Review

Warranty: 1 year

Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun Review – Product Overview

The Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun is a great speed measuring device which is built to determine pitching and throwing speeds, as well as time base runners.

It also displays release as well as plate speeds in a digital readout in MPH or KMPH down to the tenths.

The Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun will keep you right on target. It is one of the most accurate
as well as consistent baseball radar guns you will find in the market today.

This model is a good baseball speed measuring device because it captures the precise pitch and plate speeds. Stalker Sport 2 radar gun reviewIt calculates the rates of speed from 5 MPH – 150 MPH. The Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun easily measures the pitch and throwing speeds. It has 2 windows on the back of the radar gun that displays plate speed as well as hand release speed.

In addition, you really don’t need to bother yourself about the durability because it was designed to last long and deliver accurate results.

The majority of MLB baseball teams use Stalker Baseball Radar Gun products. They are really simple to use with an excellent range as well as accuracy & consistency, which makes it one of the most effective speed measuring devices you can buy.

The compact size of this device as well as weight enhances comfort, it also uses normal AA-batteries with over 20hrs of battery lifetime. With this “scout package” you won’t have to worry about buying batteries as it comes with 6 NiMH rechargeable batteries and a wall charger.

The Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun scout package additionally comes with a carrying case and weighs only 1.8 lbs and comes with a 1 year warranty period. The 1 year warranty offers peace of mind.

Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun Review – Features

Displays release as well as plate speeds.stalker sport 2 radar gun review

This is probably my favorite thing about this gun. Having the ability to show pitchers the speed reduction at the plate has really helped with developing their ability to throw off speed pitches like the change-up.

 Uses regular AA or rechargeable batteries.

Even if you forget to charge the batteries you won’t need to worry about finding anything special, just some good old AA’s.

Concurrent radar as well as stopwatch operation.

This is a neat feature that allows you to record throwing speeds as well as time runners in 2 separate windows.

Weighs only 1.8 lbs including batteries.

While not the lightest radar gun in the world, weighing in at just under 2 lbs makes the gun fairly easy to hold.

Very easy to use.

Point & shoot or continuous on mode makes for easy use. It also has built in tripod mounting capability.

Displays speed in digital units to the tenths.

While I don’t really need to see speeds to the tenths, if you do, it can.

Battery wall charger.

After a day of practice, simply plug your gun into the charger and your ready for the next practice.

300′ range.

I haven’t actually had the chance to see if the gun will give true readings from this distance, but if Stalker makes the claim then I’m inclined to believe it.


Displays speed readings with a +/- 1 MPH accuracy rating of speeds 5 – 150 MPH.

Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun Review – Any Drawbacks?Stalker Spot 2 radar gun drawbacks

Obviously, the price of the gun can be a little daunting for your normal baseball activities, but the Stalker Sport 2 really is as good as advertised.

While most of us will most likely never need to measure pitching speeds from 300′ away, this gun is one of the few that can do it.

One other downside I found is that it only has the ability to recall your last 5 pitch speeds and once you turn the gun off, their gone forever.

After a throwing session, I like to have the ability to go over the session with the pitcher to see which pitch grips are working best for them and which ones aren’t. Now this small problem can be fixed with a pen and a piece of paper, but I like to concentrate on the mechanics of the pitcher instead of writing down pitch speeds.

There is a gun that I use that records up to 25 of your last readings that allows me to review sessions at a later time. I will leave a link at the bottom of this post to that review.

As far as drawbacks, the Stalker Sport 2 gives very little to complain about.

If you can afford it, I have no problem whatsoever recommending this gun.

Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun Review – The Bottom Line

The Stalker Sport 2 is a great gun suitable for baseball and most other sports where you require accurate & consistent speed readings. It consistently delivers an accurate result with no blank screens which is often very frustrating with some other guns.

A highly recommend gun, perfect for baseball and most other sports. Unlike other less expensive guns that often display inaccurate or inconsistent readings, the Stalker Sport 2 radar gun is a great choice.

Very easy to use, convenient & consistent.

If you’re looking for a good radar gun with plenty of range that delivers accurate and consistent readings, the Stalker Sport 2 delivers.

Here’s a short video with a quick overview from Optics Planet.

latest price for stalker sport 2 radar gun


If you’re willing to give up some distance to save some money, but still need a radar gun that delivers accurate & consistent readings, check out my #1 recommended radar gun with the button below.

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I hope you enjoyed this Stalker Sport 2 radar gun review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help.

Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

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