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  1. Very Descriptive Information about the Pocket Radar, and it is good you inform people that it does not come with the Tripod. Nice Job!

    • Thank you Michael! It’s too bad the tripod doesn’t come with it. There is a deal where it does, but those deals are usually short lived. I went with the Gorilla mount anyway so I can use it anywhere I want. Thanks for dropping by. ~Jeremy

  2. Hi Jeremy. I didn’t know people can buy pocket radar ball coach, nor have I ever heard of it. This is something for serious pitcher to get. Nice review and a good idea to include video.

    • Hey Tina! Most people I tell about the Pocket Coach have never heard of it. It really is the ideal training tool for any sport. Fun for all! Thanks for stopping by and if you ever need a hand let me know, I’m always happy to help. ~Jeremy

    • Hi James! This is definitely a cool training tool. Easy and fun to use. Thanks for dropping by and come back anytime. ~Jeremy

  3. They don’t play much baseball in my part of the world, but from what you say – this could be a useful tool for a variety of sports?
    It’s not cheap for an individual but for a pro coach or a club, it could be worthwhile. I agree about the tripod though – adding a tripod to the cost???? but if a standard camera tripod will do the trick then that’s not so bad as you can pick one of them up cheap if you don’t already have one

    • Hi Eoin! This is definitely a useful tool for any sport or activity that you may require an accurate speed reading. It is a little expensive, but you are getting a top quality radar gun for about a third of the price of pro models. I see coaches spending $150 – $200 for radar guns that never give accurate or consistent readings. This leads to nothing but confusion and frustration, i.e. a big waste of time and money. Thanks for stopping by Eoin and if you need a hand with anything, please leave a comment and I will get back with you a.s.a.p. ~Jeremy

      • Actually, when you think about it -it’s not that expensive really when you consider what you’re getting. It is specialist technology and you’re not likely to find it on the local supermarket shelf.
        If you’re serious about your sport and the pocket radar ball coach is a useful tool – then it’s worth paying for it.

    • Thank you Curt!
      The Pocket Radar Ball Coach radar gun has been an awesome tool for me too, not to mention the fun we’ve had with it.
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  4. Hey, this looks like a really neat gadget. I wish I’d had one of these back when I was learning to play baseball as a kid. I’m sure it would have dramatically improved my game.

    • I’m right with you Marcus! I remember doing pitching drills back in Little League trying to improve speeds with different grips. One day my coach brought in a radar gun to try and help us determine what was and wasn’t working. The readings were so inconsistent that coach actually threw the gun at the fence. One of the main reasons I like The Pocket Coach is the consistency. Who knows, maybe if I’d had one then you could be reading my career MLB stats right now! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

  5. Hi Jeremy,
    Really good review of the Pocket Radar Ball Coach. I can see where you could use this in lots of applications, not just baseball. It could well be worthwhile if you were training for a lot of different speed related events. Too bad it wasn’t around when I was in little league. Thanks

    • Hi Ed.
      This is definitely a great machine for any kind of training where you need to know your speeds.
      I wish I would of had A Ball Coach when I was in Little League too. Who knows, maybe we would be reading my career stats right now! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

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    • Hi Colton.
      I have seen the Radar Coach for about that price near me too. I’m not sure how long this price will last, but it has been worth every penny.
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  8. Hi Jeremy

    This looks like a great product to have if you are playing tennis or baseball. I don’t think the traffic cops should get their hands on this machine LOL

    • Hey Viljoen!
      You are correct. The Pocket Radar Ball Coach is a great tool that you can use in any sport, or anywhere else you need to track speeds.
      I hear you about the traffic cops, no need to make it any easier for them. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by ~Jeremy

  9. Hi,

    Wow, I learned a great deal from your latest post. I really appreciate your sharing your expertise with your readers and I will definitely share this information. I love this website and all of the information available to all that read it.


    • Thank you Donna!
      I’m glad you are enjoying the website.
      If you ever have a question or need a hand with anything, let me know, I’m always happy to help.
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

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  11. Hey Jeremy, this was a pretty good review and educational at the same time. I never knew such a product existed but I should’ve known with the way technology has developed. It definitely sounds like a very handy tool for any aspiring baseball player.

  12. Wow!
    I just broke a ball radar I bought about a year ago, I used it for my tennis trainings, but the first the ball hit it the screen got cracked :{
    You think this one would stand better?
    Btw I really liked the tripod idea… it’s always a struggle to find a suitable place or someone to hold for you

    • Hey eli!
      I have put mine through a lot of abuse that I’m sure it wasn’t made for and it’s still ticking nicely.
      Is your ball coach still under warranty? Is it still giving you readings?
      If it’s just a cracked screen, you can send it to them for repairs. Here is the number – 1-888-381-2672.
      They have great customer service and I’m sure they will work with you until you’re happy.
      I love the tripod set up too as it allows me to concentrate more on coaching.
      If you need any further assistance, just leave a reply to this comment and I will be more than happy to help.
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  13. Theres a ballpark about 30 minutes from me, that uses these machines and you can see how fast your pitch is and stuff! 300 dollars for one of those is totally worth it to improve your accuracy and speed though for sure!
    Great article!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Thank you Matt!
      When you compare all the features and accuracy of the Pocket Radar with models that can cost in the thousands of dollars, you can truly see the real value that the ball coach gives you.
      Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you need a hand with anything. ~Jeremy

  14. Hello Jeremy!
    Your review is very informative about the product.Short and concise. Nicely done. My few friends who are playing baseball will be very interested on this one!Allowed me to tell them and for sure they will step by and consider buying it.
    Thank you for your review and I hope you will keep us inform!

    • You are most welcome Diego!
      I’m glad you found the article informative and helpful, and I will definitely do my best to keep you informed.
      Thank you for stopping by and please do let me know if you have any questions, or need a hand with anything.

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  16. Jeremy, what an awesome review for the Pocket Radar Ball Coach. You have covered every detail of what I need to know about it, its performance, accessories, and where and how to buy it. Even as I was wondering if it came with stand/and or accessories, you answered my question. Pretty good price too. Thanks a lot for your helpful insights. Have a great day.

    • You are most welcome Cindy!
      With all of the features that have been packed into the pocket radar ball coach, it really is an unbeatable price just by itself.
      When these deals come up that includes the tripod and mount, and all those other accessories, it is just incredible.
      I truly hope you enjoy the ball coach, and if you have any questions, or need any tips on training with a radar gun, please do let me know, I’m always happy to help.
      Thanks for dropping by ~Jeremy

  17. I have never used a radar gun because I grew up during a generation that didn’t rely on electronic equipment. However, your post captured my intention, was very informative, and written in a manner that I could easily understand.

    I liked all the pictures and other graphics that you utilized throughout the writing of the article.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Allan!

      While radar guns were around when I played, I never had the opportunity to use one.

      The pocket radar ball coach has given me the opportunity as a coach to help players improve all aspects of the speed game. I have used other radar guns, but the features the ball coach offers are unbeatable.

      One of my favorite features is the ability to record pitch speeds so we can go back and review what is and what is not working.

      Whatever you decide to use it for, I know you are going to enjoy it.

      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  18. Hello Jeremy, thank you for the informative review of the pocket radar.

    Fantastic, this site has absolutely everything for both beginners and regular baseball lovers. I am not a fan of this sport in particular but I was lucky to find this site that has helped me to understand that it is this controversial sport; at first I thought it was a boring sport (still what I have in mind) but I think it is not and I would ask Jeremy if players are the ones who have to take into account the movements of almost all players, are among these their teammates or have to concentrate exclusively on the opposing team ?.

    I wish that a special section be included in the “Tips & Advice”: “Tips for Beginners”

    Congratulations, It seem an interesting sport and I think I’m going to see a little more closely to better understand the rules and strategies as explained so easy in most of the articles.

    • You’re welcome Renan!
      The pocket radar is a truly unique radar gun with features that you don’t see on even the most expensive guns.
      As far as which players you have to concentrate on, I would tell you that yes; each player on the field should know exactly where their team mates are positioned at all times.
      Is baseball boring? Well, no. From beginning to end, there is always action, whether it be mental strategy, or the play taking place at any given time on the field. Check out this article I wrote about this very topic http://baseballxgear.com/is-baseball-boring-i-think-not
      If you would like to learn more about the rules of baseball, this article will explain everything a beginner needs to know http://baseballxgear.com/simple-baseball-rules
      I will get to work on a section for “Tips for Beginners”, this sounds like a great idea!
      Thanks for stopping by Renan. I know you are going to love the game of baseball, and if you have any questions along the way, or need a hand with anything, please let me know, I’m always happy to help.

  19. Nice one here. This is a great review on the pocket radar ball coach. From what I read, it seems the shipping for this product is free. But i would like to find out if the shipping is done to all countries for free?

    Aside from the shipping information that I wasn’t able to find, every other thing seems to be on point.

    Keep giving us great reviews! Thanks, Fidel

    • Hey Fidel!

      I’m glad you found the pocket radar review helpful and informative. If you have any other questions about the ball coach, or any other radar gun, please let me know and I will be happy to assist.

      The free shipping is for the U.S. only. When you add it to your cart and enter your shipping destination, you will be able to see the shipping rates for international orders before you make your purchase.

      I truly believe you are going to enjoy this radar gun and all of its unique features. Please feel free to stop back by and let me know how you like it. If you need any tips or advice, just let me know.

      Thanks for dropping by ~Jeremy

      • This is amazing!!…
        I love your website, is very informative!
        thank you so much for the post.
        wish you the best and keep up the hard work.

  20. I used to play baseball in my younger days, and I never saw anything like this! I know you are looking at my picture and say, “younger days?” LOL! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

    I recently started getting back into baseball, simply because I saw a baseball game, and I remember how fun I used to have. Let me tell you, I still have my game! hitting 9 out of 10 pitches, and throwing high speed pitches.

    However, I haven’t really ever had a way to relay the speed of my ball.. This would certainly be an interesting addition to my arsenal. How can this radar gun help on with the way we throw? I understand the speed, but how do we take those results and use them to our advantage? Am I missing anything?

    • Hey Chris!

      I promise not to judge! LOL

      First off, I think it’s awesome that you’re getting back into baseball. It’s a full body workout, doing something that you truly enjoy doing. And hitting 9 out of 10 pitches and still throwing with speed is a great accomplishment… kudos to you!

      The advantage with using the pocket radar, is that you have the opportunity to record 25 of your last throwing speeds. So, what I do with my players is to make minor adjustments with pitch grips, arm angles, leg position, etc… Making a minor adjustment with your grip on a 4 seam fast ball can impact your speed as much as 5-10 mph.

      After a throwing session, I will sit down and review the session with the player so that we can determine which particular grip works the best for them.

      Same goes with any position on the field and where they are throwing the ball.

      Example: I will have my right fielder take 10 throws towards home plate and record the speeds. I have found that simple body position, or arm angle adjustments can add 5-10 mph to their throw, saving a couple crucial seconds for a play at the plate.

      With the ball coach it’s very easy to see what is and isn’t working.

      I hope that answers most of your questions and if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know and I will get back with you a.s.a.p.

      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  21. Hi Jeremy

    I’m no baseball fan and that’s partly because I know nothing about baseball, so it was very interesting to read and learn about it on your site.

    I never knew that softball and baseball were two different games!

    Thank you for educating me about baseball and letting me know about the fancy gadgets like the pocket radar. It seems like a very versatile training tool.

    Very well written and well designed. Keep up the great work!



    • Hey Jelly!

      I’m glad you are enjoying the site and I just know that you are going to love the game of baseball.

      The pocket radar is definitely a very versatile training tool. Tons of great features that are hard, or even impossible to find on even the most expensive radar guns. The pocket coach is one of my favorite “fancy gadgets” 🙂

      If you haven’t read these already, here’s a few links that will help you through your baseball journey.

      http://baseballxgear.com/simple-baseball-rules http://baseballxgear.com/why-baseball-is-americas-


      These should put you well on your way to becoming the next baseball guru….Just kidding, I’ve been around baseball nearly my whole life and I still learn something new every day.

      If you ever have any questions, or just want to stop by and talk some baseball, I’m always here and ready to help. Drop back in and let me know how you like the ball coach.

      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  22. Baseball is not so famous in Asia region, but I believe the pocket radar can be used for measuring the speed of cricket balls in the same way. I am not sure how it could be set if ball is not directly coming in the gloves, but bouncing off the surface. I am sorry if you are not much familiar with cricket as a sport.

    • No worries Chander.

      I am not too familiar with Cricket rules, but I am looking forward to getting to know the sport better. I have seen a few games now, and I found it very interesting. You can definitely draw some parallels with baseball.

      As far as the pocket radar working with Cricket; Yes it will work exactly the same as with measuring baseball speeds.

      Simply hold in the trigger before the pitch is thrown and release when the speed is shown. The pocket coach will display the fastest speed during the pitch.

      I hope that answer your question Chander. As always, if I can help with anything else, just drop back by and I will be happy to help.

      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  23. This is definitely a great tool for coaching and for those wanting to measure their own abilities and strive to consistently better themselves. I was going to ask if this could be used in the likes of tennis or squash but I see that not only can it be, but it can be used to measure the speed of anything, even cars 🙂 As you say too, it’s for all levels, not just limited to beginners. Great item, and great informative post 🙂

    • Thank you Jyl!
      I’m glad you found the Pocket Radar review informative.
      The ball coach is absolutely suitable for any level. While you may not get quite the same distance as a $1,000 scout model, you will get scout level accuracy and consistency.
      These are really the 2 essentials that you will need for coaching and training if you are trying to improve your skills.
      A great item indeed 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you need a hand with anything ~Jeremy

  24. Hi Jeremy I have just taken a look at your review. This pocket radar really does seems like a great product. You say it’s very accurate also and that’s the most important thing. Didn’t make any searches about similar products so I don’ know other prices but the price of this one seems reasonable. What do you think about using it in soccer?

    • Hey Erik!
      Absolutely, the most important feature of a radar gun is its accuracy. Without it, you will find nothing but confusion and frustration.
      The Pocket Radar Ball Coach is one of the most accurate and consistent radar guns that you can buy. I have ran it side by side with guns selling in the $800 – $1,000 price range and it has given me the same exact readings. For $300 or less, this is a no-brainer. It also has features that I use on a daily basis that those more expensive models don’t even offer.
      As far as the Pocket Radar working with soccer; Yes it does. It works with any sport where you require accurate speed readings.
      Thanks for stopping by and do let me know if you need a hand with anything else ~Jeremy

  25. Hi Jeremy.

    The Pocket Radar looks like a great machine for young kids in their development in learning how to be excellent baseball pitchers.

    One thing about youth baseball which I do find a little troubling today is the nature in which so many teenage kids – 14,15 and 16 year old years of age are opting to have Tommy John surgery done on their arms. John Smoltz during his tremendous acceptance speech upon entering the Hall of Fame this summer made a great point about this. Kids should not be throwing year round, instead participating in other sports during the winter. Smoltz, is one individual who had the right to say what he did based on his stellar pitching career in the major leagues.

    I personally feel watching the Little League World Series when it comes on television every August is that no 11 and 12 year old kid should be throwing curveballs and sliders during a game. What about a kid just going with a fastball and changeup, and really learning how to pitch – mixing pitches, location, taking a little off of the fastball and so on. There would be much less pressure being placed on his/her arm, not performing the exact motion when pitching curveballs and sliders which over the long haul places tremendous and unnatural stress on ligaments within the arm and elbow.

    I’m now 58 years old. I remember as a kid, it was considered dangerous to teach young kids how to throw those types of pitches as it put a strain on their arms. At those young ages the kid’s arm still has not fully developed regarding bone structure, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    My father used to play pitch & catch when I was little, then not even a teenage boy. Together we used to imitate the great pitchers of that era in the late 60s with our throwing motions. My father could do a wicked imitation of Luis Tiant. I used to love Juan Marichal even imitating his famous high leg kick as he went into his windup. My father however would not show me how to throw a curveball, keeping in line with the premise than that 10 year kids had no business throwing that pitch before their arms had fully developed.

    Instead he taught me how to throw a wicked knuckleball, something which when he threw it nearly was impossible for me to catch darting all over the place during its trajectory in the air.

    Just giving you my two cents, having nothing to do with your great article. When I saw that young gal last summer, Mone Davis throwing sliders to opposing batters in the L.L. World Series I wanted to cringe. Yes, she was great in that one game, although she got blown up by another team in her next outing. Still I hope if she keeps up her pitching, (and they say that she is an even better basketball player who one day hopes to play collegiately up at UConn – my alma mater) I hope that she does not tear a ligament in her elbow- all due to the strain placed on this unnatural movement on the arm of a 13/14 year old.

    Thank you for the privilege in reading your tremendous article and best wishes to you.



    • Hey Jeff!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the review of the pocket radar ball coach, it is definitely a great training tool.
      I completely agree with your thoughts on kids throwing a curve ball too early. My personal rule is “No curve ball till you can shave”. Fastball, change up in different combinations of grip, arm angle and pitch location is the way to go with young kids.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story….Loved it!
      Look forward to hearing from you again ~Jeremy

  26. After reading your review, I must say all my questions have been answered. This is a great in-depth review and you have covered every aspect of the pocket coach. It’s definitely an awesome tool to have.

    Thanks Jeremy.

    • Thank you Grace!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pocket radar ball coach review.
      Like you said, it is definitely a great training tool to have. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and continue to see great results.
      Thanks for stopping by and let me know if I can help with anything else.
      If you happen to pick one up, stop back by and let me know what you think.

  27. I love your World Series countdown.

    One question I have for you is this:

    What is the best way to teach a young man (age 12-14) how to pitch using good mechanics? Is it too early to start teaching some of the advanced mechanics that you see college and professional players using?

    • Thank you Matt!
      This is a great question and also a great way to put the pocket radar to some good use.
      My best advice to you for teaching good mechanics to a young man is to stick with 2 primary pitches; the fastball and the change up.
      Use the pocket radar to determine speeds while you try different arm angles while at the same time trying slightly different grips on the ball until you find that perfect combination that gives you max speed differential between the two pitches.
      Always remember to warm up before pitching and do not let your young man throw too many pitches. No more than 40-50 pitches 3 times a week and no more than 80 on game day.
      As far as advanced techniques, I will assume you mean pitches like the curve ball. This depends a lot on the physical development of the player. To me, 12 is still a little too young. At 13-14 many players have developed sufficiently enough to start exploring more advanced pitches.
      My personal saying on this is “No curve ball til you can shave”. I see too many kids who have already done serious damage by the time they reach high school. It’s just not worth it.
      Stick with the fast ball and change up, then work your way into a slider and then the curve.
      Most MLB players will tell you that the best pitchers in the game are those that can locate a fastball well.
      I hope that helps Matt and if you need a hand with anything else, just let me know.
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

  28. Jeremy, Very nice job on the review of the Ball Coach radar. One comment, you say “nearly the same accuracy “, when the Ball Coach actually has much better accuracy than the big expensive Stalker guns. Most people think that because the Stalker Pro cost $1200 it must be more accurate, but if you go on their web-site and look up the actual specification for accuracy it shows that is +/- 3% of the reading. So if you are anywhere over 34 MPH their accuracy is worse than +/- 1 MPH. At 85 MPH the accuracy is +/- 2.5 MPH. The Ball Coach radar is actually much newer technology than the big expensive, so-called “Pro” guns and is actually more accurate.

    • Thank you Chris! I’m glad you enjoyed the Ball Coach review.

      After reading your comment, I did a little research of my own on the Stalker. You are absolutely correct. After surpassing the 34 MPH threshold, the $1,200 Stalker gun actually starts to be less accurate than the Ball Coach. Even more ammo to add to my argument that the Pocket Radar Ball Coach is simply the best radar gun for the money.

      When I said “nearly the same accuracy”, I was comparing it to the $1,100 Jugs gun, which is supposedly the industry benchmark with +/- 0.5 mph. Make sure to stop back by, as your comment has inspired me to do a side by side comparison article where the Ball Coach will take on the heavyweights. Stay tuned 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and please do let me know if you need a hand with anything ~Jeremy

  29. Hi,
    I learned a great deal from your post on the pocket radar ball coach. I really appreciate your sharing your expertise with your readers and I will definitely share this information. I love this website and all of the information available.

    • Hi Justin!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the review of the Pocket Radar Ball Coach.
      This is the best radar gun I have found for the money.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and please do stop back by to let us know how you like the Ball Coach.
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

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