Top 4 Baseball Gifts For Toddlers

Trying to find the right baseball gifts for toddlers can be a little gifts for toddlers

Luckily, I happen to be the baseball gift guru! 馃檪

O.K. Most likely I’m just your average baseball dad who has some experience in what baseball players like when they are at the toddler stage?

In this post, I will share some great baseball gifts for toddlers that we have given over the years that were big hits, and that my own kids loved when they were toddlers.

The trick is to find gifts that are not only fun, but also provide some benefit in the way of improving their baseball knowledge and skills.

So without further ado, here are our top 4 baseball gifts for toddlers.

Top 4 Baseball Gifts For Toddlers!

#1 – Super Stadium Baseball Game

super stadium baseball game

The Super Stadium Baseball Game has been one of our top gift picks for quite a while and will make an awesome baseball gift for any toddler.

This game offers you a unique opportunity to share the ins and outs of the game without having to go out to a field.

The realistic action will provide years of fun playing baseball, even when its cold, raining or dark out.

The Super Stadium Baseball Game is one of our favorite gifts. I wrote an in depth review of this game if you would like to take聽 an closer look at just how cool this game really is.

The Super Stadium Baseball Game is a sure hit! Check out my review with the button below! 馃檪

clickable button for super stadium baseball game review

#2 – Aoneky Super Safe Foam T-ball Set

T-ball set for toddlers

This Super safe T-ball set will make a great baseball gift for toddlers!

One of the best ways I found to teach my kids how to hit when they were young was a batting tee.

The balls and bat in this set are foam. Even if you get hit with the balls or bat, it won’t hurt. One of the first things my youngest did was immediately pick the bat up and hit his sister! This gave us a good opportunity to teach about not hitting people and fortunately she didn’t get hurt at all.

The set also comes with a neat, zip up carry bag. Set up is quick and easy.

The top of the tee has a nice indentation to help hold the ball in place so it isn’t constantly falling off.

This tee ball set is a great way to teach young kids the basic fundamentals of hitting without the constant worry of getting hurt.

Your toddler will enjoy hours of fun, while learning the greatest game in the world. 馃檪

Link to hitting tee for toddlers#3 – Franklin Sports Electronic Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports Electronic Pitching Machine For Kids

When your little one has mastered the tee, it’s time to give them a little more of a challenge.

This electronic pitching machine from Franklin Sports gives you the perfect way to start teaching your toddler how to hit a pitched ball.

You can adjust the machine to pitch the balls at different heights to match their height and age range.

They will get 6 pitches with the feeder fully loaded. The machine will deliver a pitch every 10 seconds automatically.

The machine has a red indicator light that flashes just before the pitch is delivered so they know to get ready.

The machine does have some small parts, so you will need to supervise their batting sessions.

This is a really neat pitching machine that will not only provide hours of fun, they will also be prepared if you decide to sign them up for next years baseball league.

Don’t be surprised when you find yourself out getting in some swings when they’re not around! 馃檪

button for latest price on franklin electronic pitching machine#4 – Baseball Jersey Fleece Blanket

baseball blanket for tddlers

What could be better than a fully customizable blanket for your baseball fanatic?

Your toddler will get a great nights sleep when they snuggle up in this velvety smooth personalized baseball blanket!

The colors are customizable so you can change them around to match their favorite team. Add a name, initials, or a monogram for your own personal touch.

You will be able to make your changes and see them in real time. This way, you can make sure everything is exactly the way you want it before you place your order.

You can put your design on one side, both sides or a different design on either side.

You can also choose different sizes if you want to get a matching one for yourself. 馃檪

Link to baseball blanket for toddlers

We hope you enjoyed this article on our top 4 baseball gifts for toddlers.

Any of these gifts are sure to put a huge smile on your little one’s face. They will make a great Christmas Gift, birthday gift, or just an anytime you want to make them smile gift. 馃檪

If you have any questions, please leave a comment comment below or hit the contact button and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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