Super Stadium Baseball Game Review

Howdy everyone and welcome back! Let’s do a Super Stadium Baseball Game Review and explore some of the unique and fun opportunities that this game presents.super stadium baseball game review

Product: Super Stadium Baseball Game

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Ages: 6 & up

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Super Stadium Baseball Game – Product Overview

The Super Stadium Baseball Game is designed to simulate real baseball action that you would find on the field during a live game.

Whether you are a lifelong baseball fan like myself, a kid just starting out, or anyone looking for something new and fun to try, this game has you covered.

There are a lot of unique opportunities that this game offers and as we move along, I will be sharing my favorite things about it.

Super Stadium Baseball Game – Features & Opportunities Super Stadium Baseball Game Review

Let’s have a look at some of the cool features of the game and talk a little bit about the unique opportunities they present.

Dual Pitching Sticks:

On the back of the game you are going to find 2 separate sticks used to control your pitches. They are placed right in the center of the board right behind center field. This gives you a perfect view of the field while playing the defensive half of your inning.

The 2 sticks allow you to control the spin and the speed of the pitch.

The left stick will allow you to determine which way you want the ball to break when throwing curve balls.

The right stick allows you to determine how fast the pitch will be thrown.


The ability to change speeds and throw a variety of pitches is a great opportunity to show up and coming pitchers how to disrupt the timing of the batter.

After throwing a few fastballs to a batter, young pitchers will be amazed at how a simple change up will confound a batter.

The cool curve ball feature, achieved with the help of the magnetized infield,聽 is another great equalizer to the fastball. Just remember that if your playing with young kids that they don’t get caught up in throwing curves in real life.

Throwing a curve ball when your too young can do serious arm damage!

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Keeping Score:

Along the 1st baseline there are slots to keep track of balls, strikes and outs.

Along the outfield fence there is a cool scoreboard to keep track of the runs you score each inning and the current score of the game.

super stadium baseball game review

Also included is a score sheet and instruction manual.


Learning how to keep score during the game is a great opportunity to teach kids and newcomers to the game the basics.

Keeping score allows you to explain terms like; single, double, triple & home run.

You will be able to explain what outs are and how many each team gets. You will be able to explain innings and how they work.

The Super Stadium Baseball Game provides you with ample opportunity to explain a lot about how the game of baseball is played.

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Switch Hitter:

The switch hitter feature is something I haven’t found on most other baseball simulation games I have bought.

I happen to have a lefty in the family who absolutely loves being able to hit from the same side he hits during a real game.


The switch hitter feature on the Super Stadium Baseball Game gives hitters who bat left handed a much more realistic experience while playing the game.

It also gives hitters thinking about trying switch hitting a chance to simulate the feel of batting from both sides of the plate.

Super Stadium Baseball Game Review – Any Drawbacks?super stadium baseball game complaints

Since this is a review, I needed to find something wrong with this awesome game! 馃檪

Here it is:

After swinging the bat a few thousand times, the bat did get stuck in the full swing position a few times.

A simple push of the bat back to the starting position corrects this minor problem and it didn’t happen again for another few thousand swings!

A very minor problem, but I had to find something to complain about. 馃檪

Super Stadium Baseball Game Review – Wrap It Up!super stadium baseball game review

We try hard to share the ins and outs of the game of baseball, and the Super Stadium Baseball Game is another great tool that helps explain the rules of the game while having a lot of fun.

The Super Stadium Baseball Game will provide you with the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids and share your love for the greatest game on Earth…Baseball!

The game is well built and has thus far proven to be very durable when cared for properly.

We truly think that any level baseball fan will enjoy playing the game.

Even if you are not a baseball fan, the game offers plenty of challenges that we think you will enjoy.

And don’t think the game is too easy. I often find myself trailing by a few runs to my kids with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th!

latest price for Super Stadium Baseball Game

I hope you enjoyed this Super Stadium Baseball Game Review.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back with you right away.

You are going to love this game!

Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

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