Autographed MLB Sports Memorabilia

Serious collectors know the value of autographed MLB sports memorabilia. With baseball cards, bats, gloves, and balls selling for tens of thousands of dollars, these collectibles have become great investments for some.                                                       IMG_3164

For me, collecting is more for the love of it. That awesome feeling of opening a new pack of baseball cards and finding out you have that limited edition Derek Jeter card you’ve been hoping for. Or going through that old shoe box sitting up in the attic and finding an old Babe Ruth card!

Collecting memorabilia is a great activity that I love to share with my kids. Whether it’s at the local card show, or at the local big box store, there is always a great place to spend some time with your kids doing something you all love. Not that you will see me out “shopping” very often, but if you do, I’ll most likely be in the sports aisles checking out the latest card sets.

An autograph brings a whole new level of desirability to an item. An autograph can raise the value by thousands of dollars. I have seen signed Babe Ruth items sell for tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Finding signed items that I can afford is something I’m always on the lookout for. I love going through cards and checking out those cool signatures. Just awesome!IMG_3167

Game worn and game used items are another great way of collecting memorabilia. As you can imagine, there are tons of game used items out there, with many different price ranges. Find the one that’s right for you, get it framed and display that awesome piece of history!

A game used, autographed item is probably the most sought after piece of memorabilia out there. Collectors are always on the lookout for these items because they are among the rarest items there are. These items can command very high prices. In 2012, a Babe Ruth game used jersey from 1920 sold for $4.4 million! Can you imagine going through your attic and stumbling on something like that?


A few things to consider before buying any signed or game used memorabilia.

~Always deal with a reputable retailer.

~Never buy without a money back guarantee.

~Always get a certificate of authenticity.

I have been collecting baseball memorabilia for years now. It can get very addicting, and my level of enjoyment has only grown. I would recommend that any baseball fan take a look at collecting, and get your kids involved.

Here is a link to a store that I have dealt with baseball memorabilia I have had no problems with any aspect of their store.

You can read my full review here – Sports website review

As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.  ~Jeremy

Author: Jeremy

Hi. I'm Jeremy. I am a lifelong baseball fan, player, coach & Dad. I have been around the great game of baseball for 30+ years and look forward to sharing everything I know with you. If you ever need a hand with anything, just let me know! Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeremy

16 thoughts on “Autographed MLB Sports Memorabilia

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  3. Rich Far

    Hi Jeremy,

    Great article and your passion is infectious 🙂

    I love how you include the wonderful aspect of collecting memorabilia as an activity you can share with your kids – awesome!

    Best Wishes Jeremy,

    – Rich

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Rich. Thank you for your kind comment. Any time I can find something to do with the kids, I love it! Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again soon. ~Jeremy

  4. Ben

    That’s cool! My older brother has been a baseball addict all his life. I’m pretty sure he was a card collector back in the 50’s & 60’s…but I seem to recall hearing about when (by accident?) someone in the family tossed all his cards out way back when. A terrible shame which I’m sure he’s never forgotten.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hello Ben. I can only imagine how your brother felt about that. Definitely something you could never forget. The 50’s and 60’s was such a great time in baseball, think of all the great cards he had! Thanks for stopping by and sharing Ben. Stop by any time. ~Jeremy

  5. McKing

    How do you get so many signatures on a single ball?? O.o

    I am not a collector of baseballs, but I know the value of a collection! Wish I had an item that sold for 4.4 million!! LOL gosh

    1. Jeremy Post author

      I know McKing. Can you imagine? Anything Babe Ruth is highly coveted in the sports memorabilia world. I just hate thinking back on all the cards I threw away when I was a kid! Kind of like throwing out the winning lottery ticket. Thanks for dropping by, and if you ever need a hand, stop back in and I’ll be happy to help. ~Jeremy

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Fred. I sure wish I would of done the same. When I think back to all those cards I used to put in the spokes on my bike, I just cringe and wonder what gem ended up in the trash! Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon. ~Jeremy

  6. Julian

    Hmm. I am really thinking about getting into this. I love baseball. 😀

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Julian. If you love baseball, I’m sure you will enjoy it. If you need any advice along the way, give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help. ~Jeremy

  7. Tony

    It’s a hard line to tread between being a fan and making some money. As a fan it would be awesome to own an amazing piece of sporting history, but if an item really is worth a lot of money, in today’s climate, it would be hard not to sell it to someone with deeper pockets. If you can get something on the cheaper end of things and display it in the old man cave then brilliant.
    Cheers, Tony.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      I hear you Tony. It’s the letting go part that gets me. I guess it depends on the offer and the need. Cheers back at ya’. ~Jeremy

  8. Wendy

    I have a nephew who is really into sports collecting. This is very informative and has given me a few ideas for his birthday gift. Thanks.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hi Wendy. That’s awesome that your nephew is into collecting. I still remember when my parents gave me my first pack of baseball cards, I’ve been hooked ever since. If you ever need a hand with anything, stop on by and I will be happy to help. ~Jeremy


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