Best Oil for Baseball Gloves

There’s nothing better than that smooth and supple feel of a real leather baseball glove. That said, baseball gloves don’t stay smooth and supple unless they are properly taken care of.

Best Oil for Baseball Gloves

One of the best ways to maintain a leather baseball glove is to use glove oil and conditioner. These products help to keep baseball gloves smooth, soft, and pliable, and they help prevent cracking too.

That said, there are way too many products to choose from, and this can make things confusing. Luckily, this is what we are here to help you with today. Let’s get to it and help you find the best oil for baseball gloves.

Our Top Picks

SARNA Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner – Use on Baseball Gloves, Softball Gloves, and Other Leather Sports Equipment (8.0 oz) – Made in USA

Obenauf’s Leather Oil 16oz. – Restore Dry Leather – Made in the US

Meister Glove Butter (6 oz.) – Rejuvenates Golf Gloves, Baseball Gloves and Other Leather Gloves

Glovolium Baseball Softball Glove Oil Conditioning Kit – Glovolium (4 oz.) Bottle Bundled with Covey’s Application Cloth

Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Conditioning Glove Oil, 3-Ounce

Best Oils for Baseball Gloves: Reviews

SARNA Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner

Although not oil per se, this is a specialty leather conditioner. This product was actually designed by baseball professionals who have ample experience in this field. What is surprising is that this high-quality product comes in at such an affordable price.

SARNA Baseball Glove Conditioner is designed with a very high-quality formula. This formula is proven to provide long-lasting maintenance for all sorts of leather gear. It is shown to really soak into a leather glove.

It is worth noting that this formula doesn’t darken or dye gloves – just helps to provide them with maximum levels of moisture. This moisture helps to keep gloves soft, pliable, comfortable to wear, and functional too.

It also helps increase the overall lifespan of leather items by preventing them from cracking. On a side note, this product is also a good choice to consider to break in a new baseball glove. Besides baseball gloves, this product can be used for all sorts of leather gear.


  • Good value
  • Long lasting formula
  • For old and new gloves
  • Non dyeing and non marking
  • High quality ingredients


  • A bit runny and messy

Obenauf’s Leather Oil

Here we have a slightly higher-end product, one that can restore old leather baseball gloves. Now, what is worth noting is that this product features an all-natural formula. It is made out of natural oils, beeswax, and propolis. This is a rather perfect formula for all sorts of leather items, not just for baseball gloves.

On a side note, Obenauf’s Leather Oil is made in the USA, something that should speak to its quality. In terms of application, there is a special applicator tool included. This does help make things a bit easier. What many also appreciate about this product is that once applied, it does not have an odor.

Obenauf’s Leather Oil is designed specifically to restore old leather and to maintain new leather. For one, it is designed to add a layer of waterproofing to leather.

While it does help waterproof your baseball glove, it also moisturizes it at the same time. The special formula helps leather to resist cracking, dry rot, and scuffing. This in turn helps keep leather smooth, soft, and pliable. The result is a more comfortable and functional baseball glove.


  • Natural formula
  • Made in the USA
  • Odorless after application
  • Provides waterproofing
  • Restores dry leather
  • Helps keep leather pliable and soft


  • Will significantly darken leather
  • May develop an odor several weeks after application

Meister Glove Butter

One thing that stands out here is the great value you get with this product. You get a full six ounces for under $15. It’s much more affordable than virtually any other product out there. However, just because it is cost effective doesn’t mean that it is low quality.

This product is also very easy to apply and takes just seconds. It is formulated with a variety of natural oils to help restore the natural oils in your baseball glove.

This therefore helps heal dry leather, and it keeps all sorts of leather supple and well moisturized. This helps keep your gloves very pliable and ready to catch that pop fly with ease. In terms of longevity, it also helps prevent cracking in the long run.

Not only does Meister Glove Butter keep gloves looking and working like new, but it cleans them too. This product can actually get your dirty old glove looking like new. Remember that it works well on leather gloves of all sorts, whether baseball, golf, or otherwise.


  • Cleans dirty leather
  • Works for all sorts of leather gloves
  • Moisturizes and conditions dry gloves
  • Long term resistance towards cracking
  • Great value
  • For both new and old gloves


  • Quite thin and watery
  • Limited waterproofing

Glovolium Baseball Glove Oil Conditioning Kit

Here we have a nice little glove conditioning kit. It comes complete with a 14 x 14 inch microfiber cloth. This cloth helps make the application process much easier. For the record, yes, this microfiber cloth is also machine washable.

Glovolium Baseball Glove Oil is made with a variety of natural oils that are proven to help restore old baseball gloves. This product is designed both to restore old gloves and to condition new ones as well. It has the ability to restore dry leather by saturating it with natural oils.

On that note, it also helps preserve the appearance and quality of new gloves. The moisture it provides leather gloves helps to stop them from cracking and breaking. It also keeps them very smooth and pliable.

Moreover, it does also help to add a layer of waterproofing to your glove. Keep in mind that this is a large four ounce bottle that comes in at quite the reasonable price.


  • Works for old and new gloves
  • Restores the natural oils in gloves
  • Prevents cracking
  • Has waterproof properties
  • Makes gloves soft and pliable


  • A little runny
  • Not the best odor

Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Conditioning Glove Oil

Last but not least, we have Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Conditioning Glove Oil. This is a product specifically designed for all sorts of leather sports gloves. It is primarily used for baseball gloves, but it works just as well for golf and football gloves, and more.

Moreover, this product is designed to break in new gloves, to maintain new leather, and to restore old leather. With a bit of elbow grease, it can actually restore the color of an older glove back to its original state.

This glove oil is made with a variety of oils that help to coat your glove in a protective layer. For one, it helps to add some waterproofing to the equation. Moreover, it also helps heal dried out gloves (or prevents new gloves from cracking in the first place). It also helps soften and condition leather gloves for maximum comfort and pliability.


  • Works on all sorts of leather gloves
  • Breaks in new gloves and restores old gloves
  • Moisturizes, conditions, and softens
  • Restores original color
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Good size for the price


  • Slightly watery
  • Quite messy during application


The number one product on the list that we recommend is Obenauf’s Leather Oil. It provides leather baseball gloves with all of the TLC they need to stay in great shape for years to come. That said, all five of the products reviewed today are excellent in their own ways.