What Is The Best Baseball Glove – An Insiders Look!

Well… What is the best baseball glove?What is the best baseball glove

Howdy friends and welcome back! In today’s post I would like to introduce you to some of our favorite baseball gloves.

When it comes time for a new baseball glove, trying to determine what glove is the best can be a daunting task.

With 4 kids playing baseball over the years I have been through my fair share of cheap gloves, expensive gloves, gloves that will make you “play better”, and even a glove that will “change your life!”

If you are in the market for a new glove, my kids and I have been through many different brands and styles. Some of them have been great, while others have been quite the let down. The following is a list of our favorites.

There are several different factors that we used to determine which gloves to include in our top 5 including price, quality, ease of use, and durability.

So without further ado, here’s our top 5 glove picks.

What is the best baseball glove? – Find your size first.

Here are some starting points on glove size for age and position. These are only general recommendations. If you have a larger hand, stay on the high side, and if you have a smaller hand, try to stay on the lower side.

Under age 8: Infield ~ 9″      Outfield ~ 9″ – 9.5″

Age 9 – 13: Infield ~ 9″ – 10″      Outfield ~ 10.5″ – 12″

Age 13 and up: Infield ~ 10.5″ – 11.5″      Outfield ~ 11.5″ – 13″

What is the best baseball glove? – Our top 5!

Louisville Slugger Genesis Series

The Louisville Slugger Genesis series baseball gloves are without a doubt the best beginner gloves I have used.

When your kids are just starting out, I see no reason to spend a lot of money on a glove that they will most likely only use for a season or two. With the quality offered by the Genesis series gloves and the great prices, I believe you will very happy with their performance.

They come ready to use right out of the box with very little break in required. All of my kids have used these gloves for T-Ball through coach pitch.

Louisville slugger Genesis Glove

Features:  Color~ Brown  Size~ 9 – 11.5 inch  Material~ Buffalo leather palm/mesh back  Manufacturer’s warranty~ 1 year limited

latest price for louisville slugger genesis series gloves


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Easton Game Ready Youth Glove

My 12 year old son got this glove at the beginning of the season.

He was a little hesitant and kept wanting to get the old Louisville Slugger refurbished, but now having used this glove for a whole season, plus a fall season, he has now given it his personal A+ rating.

We have always been happy with Easton products over the years and this glove is no different.

Easton Game Ready Youth Glove

Features: Arced woven web for durability ~ Material: Oil tanned leather provides durability while retaining soft feel~ Palm pad:VRS- Disperses ball impact and reduces sting~ Wrist adjustment strap ( A quick binding strap for adjustable fit)

latest price for easton game ready youth gloves

Rawlings Game Series Gold Glove

This is the glove my awesome daughter used up through the major division in Little League Baseball.

Although she has moved on to high school fast pitch softball now, this is still by far her favorite glove. She still uses it when we go practice with the boys, and still refuses to pass it down! After years of use the glove is still in pretty good shapeRawlings Game Series Gold Glove.

Features: Soft full grain leather~Tennessee tanned pro grade lace~Leather palm pads

latest price for rawlings game series gold gloves

Nokona Hand Made Gloves

If you’re looking for a glove that will stand the test of time, Nokona gloves are what you’re looking for.

This is my personal favorite. Nokona has long been known for making high quality, hand made gloves. They are a little on the pricey side, but will last for years.

Nokona gloves are probably more for the serious player, but I got mine because I was looking to buy a glove that would last a long time while giving me great performance. I also use it to play softball and it works perfectly fine.

Yes… Spending a couple hundred bucks on a glove may sound crazy, but my Nokona is over 9 years old and still going strong. With proper care, I easily see it lasting a few more years.

Nokona Hand Made Gloves

Features: Vintage walnut leather ~ Hand crafted ~ Full lace perimeter

latest price for Nokona gloves

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Series

The heart of the hide series has been around for a long time, producing high quality, durable gloves.

My oldest son used this glove through high school, and it is still in playable condition today. This is also the same series of glove that I had when I played Little League.

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide

Features: Trap-Eze web~ 75% factory break-in~ Made with USA Horween leather

latest price for Rawlings heart of the hide series baseball gloves

Well, What is the best baseball glove? – Conclusion.

In my opinion, the Nokona is the highest quality glove you can buy.

A very close second is the Rawlings Heart Of The Hide.

If you’re looking for a glove that’s not too expensive, but still offers good quality and great features, the Rawlings game series is the way to go.

If you are just looking for a beginners glove that will perform great, but not cost too much, the Louisville Slugger Genesis Series won’t disappoint.

All of these gloves have proven themselves durable to us. You can click on any of the buttons above for the latest prices.

I hope this article on “what is the best baseball glove” helps you with your next glove purchase. If you have any questions about any of these gloves, or need some advice on which glove is right for you, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.

Thanks for stopping by  ~Jeremy

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my article on Best Way To Break In A Baseball Glove

This is the process we go through after every glove purchase we make. It hasn’t let me down in over 30 years of breaking in new gloves and has helped preserve the gloves for many years of abuse. 🙂

Breaking in a new glove is also a great way to share some fun time with your kids. They will get to experience how a glove can go from being a tough piece of leather, to being a great fitting, great feeling defensive weapon in a day or 2.

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      Hey Rich.There are so many choices out there when buying a new glove. I’m glad you found the article helpful. If you ever need some advice, stop back by and I will be happy to give you a hand. ~Jeremy

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    This is great information. I called my brother and asked him what kind of gloves his children uses and he told me the Rawlings gloves. I don’t know much about baseball gloves, but you give some great information. Thanks for sharing!

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      Hello Evelyn. It’s hard to go wrong with Rawlings. Great gloves at a fair price..You can’t ask for more than that. Tell your brother I said great choice on the gloves. If you ever need a hand with anything “baseball”, stop on in and I will be happy to help. ~Jeremy

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      Hey Debora. I’m glad that you found the article helpful. If you ever need a hand picking out a glove, stop on in and I will give you a hand any time. ~Jeremy


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