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Best Way To Break In A Baseball Glove — 19 Comments

  1. I have learned something new, thank you Jeremy. I had no idea that this much went into breaking in a baseball glove. This was very interesting to read, and you did a super job explaining the process. 🙂

    • Hey Michelle. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found the article interesting. If you ever need a hand with anything,stop back by and I will be happy to help. ~Jeremy

  2. Hey Jeremy, great site. I was just at my buddy’s the other day messing around with his gear and I notice he had those products on his shelf. I just happen to ask him what it was and all he said was it’s for his gloves. Never gave it much thought at the time but was happy to read your blog. Now that I know what it is I’ll definitely give that stuff a try with my next glove.
    Thanx for the tips.

    • No problem Dan. Taking a little extra time to apply the conditioner will make a big difference in the feel and longevity of the glove. See ya soon. ~Jeremy

    • I hear you on that one Thaddeus. I remember playing through half the season before my glove started to feel good. Thanks for visiting, and stop back in if I can help with anything. ~Jeremy

  3. Great baseball site you have and this was a really interesting article! Learnt a lot by reading it. Keep up the good work. Seems like baseball is a real passion for you. 🙂

    • Thank you Andreas. I’ve been a baseball fan for a long time, just can’t seem to get enough. I’m glad you found the article interesting, and if you ever need a hand with anything, stop back by and I’ll be happy to help. ~Jeremy

  4. Great article I remember when I was a kid putting my glove in the dryer to warm it up never thought or rubber bands I used some zip tyes with dads help…

    • Hey Kenneth. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your great experience with your dad. I have never tried the dryer before, but I have used zip ties when I couldn’t find any rubber bands. The hair dryer method is the best I have used, it’s just a lot easier to control the heat. Thanks again for stopping by, and if you ever need a hand with anything, I will be happy to help. ~Jeremy

  5. Thanks Jeremy. The hairdryer seems so obvious for breaking in a baseball glove. Not too sure about the microwave, since certain materials don’t do so well. I’ll stick with the hairdryer as the best way to break it in.

    All the best to you

    • Hi Damien. I definitely agree with you about the microwave. There is just no way I’m going to put a brand new glove into a microwave! Stick with the hair dryer, it’s much safer for you and your glove. Thanks for stopping in. ~Jeremy

  6. interesting article, wish I’d known some of these things when I was younger and played ball alot, but when my grandkids get older, I’ll know what to tell them, thanks for the useful info!

    • I definitely hear you on that one. I’m glad you found the article useful. If there’s anything I can give you a hand with, give me a shout. ~Jeremy

  7. I used to LOVE breaking in gloves when I was younger! It wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is now, but you definitely brought back great memories with this post!

  8. Breaking in a new glove is definitely a labor of love. I like how you talked about the breaking in process adding character to a glove. One of my favorite aspects of baseball is the bond that grows between the player and their glove due to this process. That is something completely unique to baseball.

    • Hey Jim!
      I love how you put it – “labor of love”.
      The new season is right around the corner, so I think it’s time to break out the old gloves and “re-break” those babies in!
      Thanks for stopping by and have great season. ~Jeremy

    • Hey Brandon!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article on the best way to break in a baseball glove.

      Using a hairdryer to warm up the glove is a method I have been using for years and has always worked very well.
      Let me know if you need a hand with anything else.

      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

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