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Hey everyone and welcome back! Today’s topic:  What are the top 5 pitches in baseball? First things first: This is not a list compiled of strictly statistical data. This is a list of my own opinions on the importance of each pitch, with a brief description of what each pitch does and why I believe it is important.… Read More »

Is It a Curveball?

Is it a curveball? Or is it a breaking ball? As I ponder the question, a few things come to mind. First of all, lets try to define a curveball: A curveball is a pitch thrown with a certain grip and hand action that causes the ball to spin forward, making the ball “dive” as it approaches the… Read More »

Sports Website Review

Over the years, I have owned tons of sports memorabilia. My main focus has mostly been baseball cards, although I have lots of others as well. Signed baseballs and autographed baseball bats are my personal  favorites. While searching for some Derek Jeter (arguably one of the game’s all time greatest players) items, I happened upon sports .… Read More »

Why Baseball is America’s Pastime

Have you ever wondered why people say that baseball is America’s pastime? Have you yourself ever wondered why baseball is America’s pastime? Howdy friends and welcome to BaseballXGear! This is the first post on BaseballXGear and I wanted to share the thoughts of my awesome daughter on just what makes baseball such a passion for so many people.… Read More »